CT scans not needed in case of mild symptoms : AIIMS chief

Tuesday May 4, 2021 at 3:14 pm
Randeep Guleria, AIIMS Director at Delhi on Monday stated that computerised tomography scan (CT scan) is not required in cases of mild Covid-19 symptoms. He advised not to use steroids in the4 early stage of the infection.
At a press conference, Guleria opined that one CT scan is equal to 300-400 chest X-rays. This in turn helps in developing cancer in the later phase of the life specifically in young people as they are exposed to harmful radiation.
He said that the CT scan will highlight few patches that needs no treatment.
The CT scan machine with the help of computers and rotating X-ray machines takes cross-sectional picture of the body. They detect Covid infection by detecting pneumonia signs or white patches in the lungs. This year, more people are relying on the expensive scan as they believe that the virus’ mutant variants can go unnoticed in the gold standard RT-PCR test, according to reports.
Guleria stated, ‘There have been studies which show that around 30-40 per cent of the people who are asymptomatic but are Covid positive and got a CT scan done…they also had patches which ended without any treatment”.
“CT scan and markers are being misused. A lot of people are getting CT scans done. There is no use of the scan in early stages as it will not detect (Covid) properly in mild cases”.
The AIIMS chief advised a chest X-ray first, if needed “The doctor will give proper advise whether a CT scan is needed or not”’.
He opined that asymptomatic patients having a normal oxygen level need not opt for CT scan.
In respect to biomarkers, used in detecting how well is the body’s response to a treatment for a disease or condition, Guleria exclaimed, “If one is a Covid positive with mild symptoms, then there is no need to go for blood tests, CPC or LDH as these will only create a panic reaction. These biomarkers are acute phase reactants which will increase with inflammation in your body”.
He said that biomarkers are more harmful and there can be a need for CT scan if it is necessary.
He advised not to have heavy steroid during an early stage. “Mild cases can be treated with normal medicines. There is no need to take heavy steroids as they are only taken in cases of moderate or serious infections”.
Guleria, a member of the national pandemic task force stated that blood tests cant always detect Covid infection as other underlying diseases can also cause a spike in biomarkers.
He opined that mild symptoms patients need not go for blood tests.
The chief doctor exclaimed that Remdesivir, Tocilizumab and plasma therapy are basically for emergency use.