Second phase of vaccination to get started on March 1, 2021

Monday March 1, 2021 at 11:22 am

For people aged over 60 years and 45 years or older suffering from other diseases, the second phase of the vaccination drive shall begin on March 1. The registration on the Co-Win portal shall start at 9 am on Monday. Through this portal or other IT applications such as Arogya Setu, the Indians shall be able to register and book for the vaccination at any time of the day and anywhere as well.

According to the Ministry, the registration on the portal shall start from 9 am on March 1. People who are of the age or shall become 60 or above on January 1, 2022, and also who are in the age bracket of 45 and 59 on January 1, 2022, and are suffering from any one of the mentioned diseases, shall be liable for registration.

Such a piece of information was provided during a workshop that was organized by the Union Ministry of Health and National Health Authority (NHA) for the 10,000 private hospitals that were enlisted under the Ayushman Bharat PM – JAY and over the 600 private hospitals enlisted under the state government’s health insurance schemes. These hospitals were briefed about the modalities of the new features that were incorporated in the Co-Win 2.0 digital platform.

Trainings were given to the private vaccination centers regarding the aspect of the adverse effects and the management procedure after vaccination (AEFI) through video conference along with the support of the National Health Authority (NHA). The Ministry is of the opinion that for each dose there shall be only one live appointment for the beneficiary at the specified time. Appointment at any vaccination center shall be closed at three o ‘clock.

The Ministry further added that if a beneficiary cancels the first dose of the appointment, the appointment for the remaining two doses shall also get cancelled. It has also been said that there shall be a scope for on – site registration so that the eligible beneficiaries can reach out to the identified vaccination centers for registration and vaccination.  Individuals can get themselves registered through Co- Win 2.0 portal via their mobile number and through a step-by-step procedure.

The Central Government has announced that from March 1 anyone above the age of 60 years and over 45 years suffering from any disease can get themselves vaccinated free of cost at the government centers. The private hospitals are in the meantime charging Rs 250 per dose. The beneficiaries can get their registration done on the Arogya Setu App apart from the Co-Win app. The individuals can also register themselves at the session venues.

The Central Government has proclaimed that the second phase of the vaccination drive shall begin from today at nine in the morning. Through the Co-Win 2.0 portal or other app, the citizens shall be able to take appointments anytime and anywhere. The chairman of the Covid-19 vaccine management empowered group, RS Sharma reported that the eligible citizens shall be able to get themselves registered on the Co-Win platform from March 1. From today, 10,000 government centers have been roped in to provide vaccination free of cost.