Rajasthan requires more of Covid-19 vaccines in order to reach up to its target

Tuesday April 6, 2021 at 11:06 am
Jaipur : Inspite of having 25 lakh Covid-19 doses of the vaccines in-store, the state requires more from the Centre as its purpose is to provide vaccination to seven lakh people every day in order to reach up to its goal of providing vaccination to 2.09 crore people above the age of 45 years.
On Monday the state had a record vaccination of 5.44 doses, thus bringing the total number to 76.24 lakh. In addition to this, the number of people who received the first dose of the vaccine and are aged above 45 years amounted to 16.80 lakh.
The health department has set a goal of inoculating seven lakh people each day. Raghu Sharma, the health minister stated, “The focus of the government is to vaccinate more and more people”. He further said that in order to increase the vaccination drive, the Centre should remove the bar imposed on age.
In order to provide vaccination to 2.09 crore people aged above 45 years, the need to inoculate seven lakh people per day. It is the target of the health department to vaccinate seven lakh doses per day and it that is feasible, the remaining stock of 25 lakh doses would be used within the next four days. It has been in the demand of the state government for the supply of vaccines regularly.
The health department has opined that the vaccines are efficient enough in fighting against the deadly virus. Sharma, while talking about the significance of the Covid-19 vaccination stated, “Even after two doses of vaccination, there are chances of Covid-19 infection, but it will be a mild infection that is what the expert doctors believe’.
In addition to this, he also advised the people to use face masks properly as it is even more efficient in fighting against Covid-19.
66.86 lakh people in the state have already received the first shot and 9.37 lakh people have received both the doses of the vaccine.