Nepal to adhere to stringent checking measures with the rise in coronavirus cases in India

Thursday March 25, 2021 at 10:32 pm
On Wednesday, the government of Nepal gave a red alert at the border transit points in regard to the increase in the number of positive cases in India.
According to the Armed Police Force (APF) Chhinnamasta Brigade Headquarters, Mahottari district, strict measures on checking has been followed at the transit points in eight district of the Province 2 of the country.
Stretching from Saptari district in the east to Parsa district in the west, the province shares a 464 kms long border with India.
Along the border, the APF consists of 67 Border Outposts (BOPs) and 35 Forward Operating Bases (FOBs). The APF personnel who have been have been assigned at these outposts are ordered to have a thorough checking of the people who are entering Nepal from India through these transit points.
Chandra Prakash Gautam, the Deputy Inspector General of APF, stated to the media person that the border outposts have been ordered to set up health desks at the transit points and coordinate with the Covid-19 Crisis Management Committee and the local government of all the eight districts.
Decisions regarding the setting up of health desks, adopting stringent checking measures at the border areas, keeping the APF and the Nepal Police on alert for containing the contagion and mobilizing the Army at the major border transit points have all been taken.
The meeting of the District Crisis Management Committee that the Chief District Officer and Committee coordinator, Ashman Tamang chaired have taken the decision to make available the beds at the Narayani Hospital, Bagahi health post, Pokhariya Hospital and Bhikhampur health post to provide treatment to the Covid-19 patients in respect to the surge in the number of positive cases.
The committee has directed the common mass to avoid gathering in groups of more than 25 people while celebrating Holi, keeping in mind about the possible risk of the virus.
In the meantime, the Ministry of Health and Population has reported 145 new positive cases in the last 24 hours, summing up to 276,389.
According to the ministry, among the total number of cases, 272,187 people have recovered while 3,020 have lost their lives to the virus.
In the past one day, 90 people got discharged while one person died.
In the current scenario, the country has reported 1,182 active cases.