Swanrose plans to introduce five health and hygiene products

Thursday March 25, 2021 at 10:27 pm
New Delhi : Keeping in mind about the dire need to health and hygiene at the present time, Swanrose India on Thursday introduced a new hand sanitizer and is planning to extend its portfolio in the upcoming months, as the company official has reported. It is planning to launch five products related to health and hygiene in this current year. It is also intending to capture the markets in South America and the Middle East.
The company is a totally owned subsidiary of the US-based Swanrose Inc.
On Thursday, the company simultaneously launched the hand sanitizer both in India and the US markets with the brand name ‘Just Human’. The company proclaims that the hand sanitizer shall fight against coronavirus and shall form a protective layer on the user for the whole day.
The CEO of Swanrose Inc, Roshini Sanah Jaiswal stated, “It is the first hand sanitizer to provide extended protection. The 24-hour efficacy is backed by GLP Lab certification”.
She further stated, ‘Just Human’ 24-hour hand sanitizer is manufactured in India under proprietary US technology. It has received registration from USFDA and clearance from DCGI in India.
In the current time, the sanitizers are being manufactured through a third party contract manufacturer based in Punjab.
In the initial phase, the company hopes to earn an amount of 1.5 crore from the Indian market.
She also said, “We are not one product company. Our vision is to grow”. A few of their products are waiting at the R & D stage and these shall be intellectual property-protected products.
Swanrose started on with their venture in April last year with the introduction of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Aristocrat and Humaste were the first alcohol-based hand sanitizers that were introduced both in India and the USA.
Roshini Sanah Jaiswal is also the promoter as well as the Chief Recruiting Officer of Jagatjit Industries, a liquor company in Delhi.