Budget Friendly Tips For Eating Healthy

Saturday May 11, 2019 at 11:27 am

It is a common perception that one needs to be rich to stay healthy. Healthy food necessarily does not come cheap. Therefore, it can become difficult to eat right when you are on a tight budget. But there are many ways to stay healthy while saving money. You can keep your health as a priority by being smart in your grocery-shopping decisions and making small changes in your eating routines. Here are some tips for how to stay healthy on a budget:

1. Plan your meals and grocery shop in bulk:

Plan your meal according to the level of protein, minerals, carbs, and nutrients you need in a week by deciding upon what you will be eating. Then go grocery shopping, keeping in mind the cheaper substitutes. Buying in bulk will let you avail discounts. Only purchase things you will be using. Stick to the list and do not buy anything additional. You can skip snacks for a while and go for a cheaper option like a pack of nuts.

2. Eat more non-meat proteins:

Meat, though a rich source of protein is not really cost-effective. Therefore, one can substitute it with lower-cost protein sources like lentils, tofu, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

3. Buy frozen veggies:

Frozen vegetables might not taste as good but buying frozen veggies is a great idea if you want to stick to a budget. You can buy it in bulk and preserve it for a long time, making it both cost-effective and easy to prepare.

4. Cook large meals and preserve food:

Cooking large meals can save you a lot of time and energy. You can save the rest of the food as leftovers and eat it by stir-frying it or making stew. There are a lot of creative things that can be done to leftovers to make new meals.

5. Less processed food:

Often processed food means additional costs so try buying whole food with the entire package as it will get you more servings and cost less. Like, buying a block of cheese and packs of brown rice and oats. Buy canned beans instead of the refined processed one.

6. Alternate gym memberships:

Often gym membership costs are high so if you feel like it is not fitting your budget, look for other options. Many gyms have a combined scheme going on and also present offers. So, you can look for a temporary alternative depending on their services and the price they are charging.

7. Look for sales, discounts, and coupons:

You might think to save a penny here or there does not mean much but actually, it would open a lot of other prospects for your budget. The amount that you save by using coupons, availing discounts and by stocking up on products during a sale can help
you in spending that amount elsewhere. Make sure to keep yourself aware of the sales happening in the general stores around you.

8. Make soups and smoothies:

Eating soup can help you fill up using very few ingredients. It can also nourish you properly. Don’t throw the overripe fruits that you end up with. Instead, put it in smoothies.

9. Avoid junk food at all costs:

No matter how cheap an alternative it looks to you, avoid eating junk food at all costs since it will make you unhealthy and defeat all the purpose of the budget.

In the end, whatever you do, there are always options to stay healthy even without lots of money. Go to farmer’s market, grow organic food yourself and avoid eating out to ensure that you save some money while also taking care of your health and fitness routine

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