The Keto Diet : A Short Guide

Friday May 10, 2019 at 12:45 pm

The Ketogenic diet or Keto diet, in short, is a diet that includes high-fat and low-carbs. It has proven to be very good for a person’s health. Ketogenic diets, along with helping you lose weight also help you fight many diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, epilepsy, and whatnot. Here’s a short guide to everything you need to know about the Keto diet:

So what exactly is this Keto diet?

A keto diet requires one to reduce the carb intake to a huge extent and replace it with fat instead. Doing so will put your body in the state of ketosis. This will allow your body to start burning fat for energy. It converts the fat into ketones in the liver and supplies more energy to your brain as well.

Different types of Keto diet:

So keto diet is of different types as well, like

The Standard Keto diet includes intake of 75% fat, 5% carbs and 20% protein.

Targeted Keto diet allows you to add carbs around your workouts.

Cyclical keto diet includes cyclical diet habits. Like 5 days of low-carb diets with two days of high carb diet in a week.

High protein Keto diet is similar to the standard keto diet except that protein intake is also increased.

Keto diet is a faster way to lose weight

As compared to the usual low-fat diet, people lose twice as much weight while following the keto diet. And it puts you at a lower health risk. Since the Keto diet ensures that one’s protein intake increase and their blood sugar levels are lowered, it improves their chances at losing weight easily.

Helps for diabetes as well

Keto diets are a real help for diabetes patients as it increases insulin sensitivity as well as lowers blood sugar level. Surveys show that many groups who were on the Keto diet were able to drop all diabetes medicines.

Avoid these foods when on the Keto diet:

All things sugary: no candy, soda, smoothies, cakes or ice-creams.

Fruits: Yes, you will have to say goodbye to all fruits except the occasional berries.

Low-fat products because they are often processed and have a high carb quantity.

Beans or root vegetables: avoid potatoes, lentils, kidney beans, carrots, and chickpeas.

Unhealthy fat and alcohol: Mayonnaise or vegetable oil are products that do have fat but unhealthy
one so even when on Keto diet, avoid them.

What you can and should eat:

  • Meat and Fish: Red Meat, steak, chicken, salmon, tuna etc Eggs, butter, and cream.
  • Cheese but only unprocessed cheese like mozzarella, cheddar, goat cheese, and cream cheese.
  • Healthy oils, nuts, seeds, and avocados. Low-carb vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, onions and green vegetables.
  • Use condiments like salt, pepper, and other healthy ingredients while preparing food.

Tips for eating out:

Since most of the restaurants do offer meat and fish-based dishes, it is not hard to eat out while on a keto diet. For breakfast, one can have egg-based meals. You can even enjoy dessert like berries with cream.

What is keto flu?

When you are initially adjusting from normal meals to the Keto diet, your body may require a bit time to adjust and cause you to have poor energy levels, sleep issues, increased hunger among other side effects. These symptoms together are known as keto flu. So in the beginning, eat until you are full without restraining calories and add salt to your food to maintain the mineral balance. So, that is all you must know about Keto diet. But an additional tip is to ensure that you consult a
dietician before going on the keto diet so you can have a proper diet chart to keep you healthy.

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