Death cases on the rise in Maharashtra

Monday May 17, 2021 at 1:15 pm
On Sunday, Maharashtra registered the highest number of death cases for the second time after the outbreak of the pandemic with 974 fatalities. The total number of mortal cases reaches an amount of 81,486. This year, April 28, witnessed the highest number of death cases (985). To add a note of positivity, recovery rates are much higher than new cases.
Maharashtra on Sunday registered 34,389 new active cases, thus taking the number to 53,78,452. This was the third day at a stretch that the state recorded less than 40,000 cases, after registering more than 68,000 cases in a day just a month back. There are 59,318 discharges and the recovery number sums up to 48.3 lakh.
Mumbai on the other hands, records less than 2,000 infections for a stretch of four continuous days. The city registered 1,535 new cases and 60 deaths, thus taking the number to 6,87,830 and 14,224 respectively. The rate of positivity in the city fell down to 6.8%. Among the number of fatalities, three were under the age of 40 years and 19 were within the age bracket of 40-60 years. The city now reported 33,574 positive cases and the state reported 4,68,109 patients undergoing treatment.
Dr TP Lahane, head of the Directorate of Medical Education and Research stated that the number of death cases per day remains very high in the state. He further added, “There are at least 30 each ‘brought dead’ instances and an equal number of deaths within 24 hours. Both these factors indicate that patients are referred late and by the time they get to tertiary centres there is nothing much left to do.”
On Sunday, Uddhav Thackeray, CM requested the help of more than 17,000 physicians in reducing the number of deaths. He urged them to get themselves prepared as monsoon is nearing very fast and matters might be worst. Instead of RT-PCR tests, the CM wanted more rapid antigen tests.
According to the state numbers, rural and semi-urban regions are more affected in comparison to the city. Rural areas in Pune records 2,990 cases and Solapur records 2,988 cases that are much higher in comparison to the daily cases in Mumbai and Nagpur. Ahmednagar records 2,569 new cases, Satara records 1,622 cases and Sangli records 1,279 cases daily. The rural and urban regions in Nashik records more than 1,000 cases. Amravati is now witnessing a rise in active cases after a drop.
In respect to death cases, the Nagpur circle records the highest number in the state (172). The Pune circle has 155 cases, Mumbai has 152 cases, Kolhapur circle has 142 cases and Nashik has 100 cases. The rural part in Kolhapur has 81 deaths and Solapur has 78 deaths, much higher than Mumbai and Pune.
As per the state health department, among the 974 deaths, 415 were reported in the last 48 hours and 253 in the previous week. The remaining death cases were more than one week.