Is Banana Effective in Treating Jaundice?

Saturday November 27, 2021 at 8:33 am

Jaundice is a prevalent disease that is quite common in people of all age groups. Do you want to find out if Banana helps in quick recovery from Jaundice? There is no specific research on it, but the multiple benefits of this fruit make it a good choice in every scenario. Along with the doctor’s advice and suggestive treatment, the inclusion of bananas in daily meals can also significantly affect. Several foods aid in Jaundice treatment. But is Banana one of them or not?

The human liver performs the activity of taking all nutrients from the foods and converting them into energy. It is directly responsible for processing anything that you drink or eat. Hence, you need to have a healthy liver so that all toxins and damaged blood cells go out of your body. If they stay back, it leads to a surge in bilirubin levels in the blood, causing Jaundice in people. You must stick to healthy foods like bananas that help allow high energy levels that help in curing Jaundice.

How to Eat Banana in Jaundice?

There are numerous ways to consume bananas to avoid the occurrence of Jaundice in people. It can help in giving you a healthy and efficient digestive system on the whole.

Banana Shakes or Smoothies- Many people might like to consume raw Bananas during Jaundice. Thus, they can consume it either in the form of shakes or smoothies. All types of bananas are rich in nutrients, and they can show significant effects on the treatment of Jaundice. As your digestive system needs rest, it is ideal to avoid complex or spicy food items. Fruit juices and shakes of Banana or carrot papaya can provide necessary nutrients like Vitamins C, K, and B.

Raw Bananas- They are packed with the wonderful effects of valuable micronutrients and potassium. It is a high source of potassium that helps in providing essential electrolytes to the body. This also aids in appropriate regulation of the heart function and maintaining fluid balance as well. It works as a critical factor to regulate blood pressure as well. Consumption of Potassium-rich foods like Bananas helps maintain low blood pressure and proves effective against strokes and heart diseases. And the fact is backed by a large number of scientific evidence.

Also, read our detailed guide on what to eat while recovering from jaundice here!

Benefits of Eating Bananas in Jaundice

Eating bananas can procure multiple benefits in the treatment of Jaundice, and some of them are as follows:

  • Bananas provide a soothing effect on your body’s gastrointestinal tract due to the higher protein content in them.
  • It also has a good quality soluble fiber that not just lowers the cholesterol level but is also proven effective in regulating your bowel movement. The higher content of fiber in bananas helps in giving a feeling of satiety to curb hunger pangs.
  • This fruit also includes resistant starch with a prebiotic effect and helps keep your gut bacteria healthy. Increased count of short-chain fatty acids also helps in imparting good digestive health.

Other Facts to Know About Eating Bananas in Jaundice

Bananas are packed in an underripe form through various locations. These are mainly transported from the tropical regions and allowed to ripen from the supermarket shelves in the fruit bowls. The ones with green tips are not ripe enough, but they can ripen up quickly if stored at room temperature. A simpler way to do this is by placing it on the plastic paper, and as the gas stimulates, the fruit leads to further ripening within it.

For people with Jaundice issues, bananas with light speckles over them or brown skin are the best ones. This signifies that the fruit got ripened naturally. For the purchase of plantains, go for bananas with moderate skin that is neither too yellow nor brown. As this fruit belongs to a tropical climate, it does not need cold fridge temperature to sustain. Cold places deactivate its enzymes, and you can also notice the skin getting black.

If you have Jaundice, start your day with frozen sliced Banana or the ripen Banana to restore high energy levels. For adding taste to it, you can also blend it along to form a tasty ‘Ice cream’ or even create a smoothie out of it.

Top Beneficial Foods in Jaundice Apart From Bananas

  • Coconut Water- Along with bananas, you can also hydrate yourself with coconut water to recover from Jaundice or other health-related issues. Coconut water is also indeed a rich source of nutrients and serves as an advantageous food for liver functioning. It has vital antioxidants that cleanse the toxicants from your body. Your immunity levels can also boost up, and it is then possible to prevent the re-occurrence of Jaundice.
  • Proteins- Another important thing to treat Jaundice is the muscle building and repairing of tissues. Proteins also play a crucial role in the regeneration of liver health, and it also includes amino acids that give faster recovery from Jaundice. Alongside, you can also include other food items like legumes, pulses, dal, lean meat, tofu, and paneer.

Key Takeaways

So, it is pretty evident that eating bananas during Jaundice can prove much more effective than you can imagine. Intake of one Banana daily in Jaundice can provide energy and strength. However, it’s the best option to consult with your doctor before arriving at any final decision. They can examine your liver function test reports and take a thorough check on the bilirubin levels.

If this level goes down, it’s an indication that you are recovering from Jaundice, and your decreasing symptoms can also provide positive effects. Hence, you must opt for Bananas in your daily meals to get a quick recovery from Jaundice. For further queries, you can also go through the detailed benefits of bananas and start incorporating them into your diet today itself. Combatting any ailment or disease becomes possible if you switch to healthy foods, fruits, and vegetables in your diet!

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