After months, Tamil Nadu faces critical situation in respect to coronavirus

Tuesday April 13, 2021 at 3:16 pm
Chennai: After a time span of 225 days, Tamil Nadu on Sunday reported fresh Covid-19 cases that crossed nearly 6,000-mark. The state records a number of new 6,618 cases in a single day. The state surpassed such a figure last in the month of August 30, 2020. Chennai has registered the maximum number of new cases that sums up to 2,124 and death cases summing up to 12 along with current positive cases that amount to 15,761 in the district.
Within a day, 22 people are reported to have succumbed to the infection, thus increasing the death toll in the state to 12,909, the second-highest in the country just after Maharashtra; that has reported 57,638 deaths. Among the 22 people, 20 of them are diagnosed with comorbidities such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Since the inception of the drive on January 16, Tamil Nadu has aimed to provide vaccination to 1.3 crore people. But as on Sunday, only 37,80,070 people have been inoculated across 4,328 centres. On Sunday, 47,205 people have been vaccinated. In the present scenario, 41,955 patients suffering from Covid-19 are under treatment throughout the state.
Rise in the number of positive cases in the neighbouring district of the city
As nearly 2,314 people are being discharged from home quarantine or from hospitals, the rate of recovery in Tamil Nadu has fallen down from 98% in March 1 to 97.66% in April 1 and to 94.5% last Sunday.
In the current situation, 41,955 people suffering from Covid-19 are under treatment in the state and the beds in government hospitals are getting reserved all the more faster. According to an official data, among the 4,300-odd beds in five major government hospitals in Chennai, nearly 2,300 beds have been occupied, and this includes the Rajiv Gandhi GH and Omandurar hospital as well.
Marina was not within the bounds for the visitors in the city but there was a huge crowd in Royapuram fish market. The welfare camps that the political parties have set up was all the same. There is an increase in the number of active cases in the neighbouring district of Chennai that included Chengalpattu (631), Kancheepuram (206) and Thiruvallur (296).
Coimbatore with a number of 617 cases stood third in respect to the infection. Stringent checking measures are being followed at the interstate border with Kerala (Walayar) in the district. Covid teams have been posted in other road borders, railway stations, ports and airports to collect samples of suspected people. Among the 38.8 lakhs screened during their entry to the state, 7,446 have been detected positive. Over the last two weeks, Madurai (173) and Trichy (154) have witnessed an average growth rate of 0.5%. In central and northern Tamil Nadu, the scenario has been all the more worst. A minimum of 16 districts have 100 or more positive cases.