Khus Khus- Magical Seed for a Good Health!

Wednesday August 18, 2021 at 7:33 pm

Are you looking for an immunity booster and tasty power food? Try ‘Khus Khus’ seeds that mainly belong to Indian kitchens with a wide variety of applications. It is a great seed that aces in both richness of flavors and nutritional values. Poppy seeds or Khus Khus are known as ‘Posto’ in Bengali, ‘Gasagase’ in Kannada, ‘Khus Khus’ in Hindi, and ‘Afuu Guti’ in Assamese. They are the wonderful oilseeds that originate from the opium poppy. People from all across the world make use of these seeds in their daily diet.

Poppy seeds or Khus Khus are a part of multiple delectable Indian Cuisines. They have a nutty taste and adds a tempting aroma to the dish. Common types of poppy seeds or Khus Khus that you can easily get includes:

  • White Poppy Seeds- Asian/Indian Poppy seeds
  • Oriental Poppy Seeds- Opium Poppy
  • Blue Poppy Seeds- European Poppy seeds

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Benefits of Khus Khus Seeds

health benefits of khus khus

Khus Khus is very rich in magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, folate, and multiple other types of nutrients. There are endless benefits of using these seeds, including adding flavors to your recipes and empowering with necessary nutrients. It also keeps you aloof from a large number of diseases and takes care of your health. There are numerous benefits of this ingredient, from giving you a soothing sleep for improving digestion.

Here are the advantages of Khus Khus in your diet:

  1. Enhances Fertility Rate- Khus Khus plays a crucial role in improving the female fertility rate. It fosters the removal of excessive mucus from your fallopian tubes and helps in getting problem-free pregnancy. Regular intake in adequate proportion also augments the sexual urge and improvises intimacy by surging up the libido.
  2. Helps in Curing Insomnia- Khus Khus or Opium Poppy also induces sound sleep to you. It has a calming effect that reduces down stress leveels, and its popular form of consumption is through tea or as a paste in warm milk. Having this slumber before going to bed can aid in treating insomnia.
  3. Bone Strength- These seeds are a high source of calcium and copper that improvises bone health. It also consists of manganese that produced the collagen protein and imparts safety to your bones from higher damage.
  4. Bolsters Digestion- The poppy seeds also constitute insoluble fiber that strengthens your digestive system and effectively cures the problem of constipation. You can rely on it if continuously facing digesting problems.
  5. Cures Mouth Ulcers- Due to the cooling effect of khus khus, it favors the cures of mouth ulcers. It can help in treating ulcer issues and effectively manages the heat in the mouth. Although, there is a debate on whether it is effective in ulcer treatment or not.
  6. Manages Blood Pressure- Oleic acid is a crucial component of poppy seeds that helps in the reduction of blood pressure levels. If you are constantly facing blood pressure issues, it is a great option to try.
  7. Amazing for eyes- Khus Khus comprises antioxidant and zinc nutrients as well. The poppy seeds can improvise vision and even give protection from the eye diseases like Macular Degeneration. Even after crucial eye surgeries, the consumption of poppy seeds can work miracles.
  8. Treats Kidney Stones- Poppy seeds also have a potassium content that manages the issues related to kidney stones. It also effectively prevents the re-occurrence of this issue.
  9. Helps in Thyroid- The Thyroid glands can get relieved with zinc intake as a vital dietary element. Khus Khus is rich in Zinc and helps in effective thyroid functioning. You can include it in your daily diet if already facing Thyroid problems.
  10. Treating Diabetes- Diabetic patients also consume Khus Khus seeds as an integral part of their daily regime. It consists of manganese that treats the diabetes disorder effectively.
  11. Works as Analgesic- Poppy seeds are a traditional treatment for soothing and relieving any type of body pain. Medical practitioners make use of Khus Khus as a tested alternative for treating pain. It has several analgesic properties that provide comfort to patients who are suffering trivial pain. This ingredient also has multiple pain-relieving properties.

Skin Benefits of Khus Khus

Here are skin benefits that you can derive from the regular consumption of poppy seeds in your diet.

  • Issues of Eczema and inflammation can get treated with the intake of poppy seeds. It proves effective due to the higher levels of linolenic acid. With this, you can tackle pain caused due to dermatitis.
  • It can work as an excellent moisturizer that offers smooth and soft skin. Paste of this ingredient with milk and honey can have magical effects.

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Key Takeaways

Khus Khus has miraculous properties that can effectively manage your skin, health, and other issues. It also soothes the stress levels due to alkaloids such as codeine, morphine, and papaverine. For a healthy nervous system, this element is very beneficial. Intake of Opium seed drink also cuts down cortisol levels and gives a better calming effect.

Perhaps, it is vital to restrict the moderate use of Khus Khus, or it might result in a few side effects. Pregnant women must avoid its consumption. Apart from that, you can include it in your regular regime and await the spectacular benefits of this powerful food!

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