What are the Benefits of Eating Tulsi Leaves?

Tuesday July 20, 2021 at 8:04 am

Are you unsure about the basil benefits and side effects? Basil in Hindi is known as ‘Tulsi.’ Indians plant it as an indoor plant as a part of their sacred beliefs and worship it. It is a significant part of all classical homemade preparations.
Tulsi or Basil is popularly known as the holy herb. It is very beneficial in multiple health applications and ensuring protection from many dreadful diseases. People consider it as a part of treatment for respiratory and other skin diseases. Besides the common ailments, the benefits of eating these leave also extend to the control of tumors and cancers. Some studies also show that it can be a very efficient immune modulator, anticancer and protective agent.

Top Tulsi Leaves Benefits!

There are numerous benefits of tulsi leaves intake stated below:

• Aids in Healthy Heart- The holy basil leaves consist of essential antioxidants like eugenol and vitamin C. it protects from dreadful heart problems and even the free radical effects. The eugenol content is also beneficial in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood.
• Anti-aging- Tulsi health benefits also extend to anti-aging effects. The phytonutrients Vitamin C and A in the Basil are excellent antioxidants. They impart complete protection from the skin damages that result due to free radicals.
• Cures Kidney Stone- It is also a fantastic detoxifying agent and a mild diuretic that lowers down the uric acid level in your body. The acetic acid content of the basil aids in controlling the breakdown of kidney stones.
• Releases headache- Tulsi medicinal uses also include it as a natural reliever of headache. It helps in curing migraine pain as well.
• Fights Acne- Basil also kills harmful infections and bacteria. The active compound of its oil is eugenol oil. It efficiently fights all types of skin-related disorders. It aids in the treatment of both internal and external skin infections.
• Cures fever- From ages, tulsi health benefits are prominent, and it’s a famous ingredient to treat fever. It is a primary ingredient that helps in the formulation of various home remedies and ayurvedic medicines.
• Eye Health- Tulsi also consists of many anti-inflammatory properties. It imparts better eye health by prevention of fungal, bacterial, and viral infections. Regular intake of tulsi also cuts down the stress levels and even soothes the inflammation in the eyes. If you work for long hours on laptops or smartphones, then tulsi consumption can alleviate the stress of your eyes.
• Oral health- Tulsi leaves benefits to continue as an oral disinfectant or the natural mouth freshener. Holy Basil is also effective in curing mouth ulcers. It destroys the bacteria that leads to tartar, dental cavities, bad breath, and many other issues.
• Prevents Respiratory Disorders- Tulsi is a magical herb that also includes compounds such as cineole, eugenol, and camphene. It treats all types of fungal, bacterial, and viral infections related to the respiratory system. Different types of severe respiratory issues like tuberculosis and bronchitis can also get treated with regular usage.
• Rich in Vitamin K- Basil in Hindi, i.e., Tulsi is also a rich source of necessary fat-soluble vitamins. These vitamins play an important role in managing heart and bone health.

Important Facts about Tulsi or Holy Basil!

After getting familiar with the tulsi health benefits, it is imperative to know about its properties and other features. They are as follows:

  • • Basil is a leafy green and flavorful herb that has its origin in Asia and Africa.
    • People can find it in several varieties, but it belongs mainly to the mint family.
    • This herb also holds importance as a seasoning in many foods.
    • The aromatic flavor of Basil and tulsi leaves benefits makes it an essential component in teas.
    • Another variety of Basil is Sweet Basil. It is available in dried form at many supermarkets and is widely used in Italian dishes.
    • The basil benefits and side effects also largely depend on the amount of intake and quantity of minerals or vitamins.
    • 2 grams of Basil can deliver decent tulsi health benefits.

Side Effects to Consuming Tulsi in Excess Amounts!

There is no doubt that Tulsi’s medicinal uses and tulsi health benefits are miraculous. Do you know that tulsi can also have side effects? Although packed with goodness, basil benefits and side effects both exist. Few people can experience the potential hazards from consumption of these leaves such as:

  • 1. Pregnant Women must avoid- Benefits of eating tulsi leaves might not apply to pregnant women. The intake of the herb can lead to uterine contractions in many cases. It could be dangerous and even lead to miscarriage in women. These leaves can stimulate the blood flow towards the pelvic area and the uterus.
    2. Suitable for diabetic patients- Few studies show that basil is also effective in lowering blood sugar levels. Diabetic patients might suffer a fall in sugar levels by excessive consumption of basil leaves.
    3. Affects fertility levels- Excessive intake of tulsi might have a negative impact on both males and females.
    4. Interrupts the working of blood-thinning medicines- This herb also results in thinning of the blood. It works as a perfect remedy for people who do not take blood thinners. However, the latter ones might suffer adverse health conditions.
    5. Stains teeth- Do you know that elders suggest swallowing the tulsi leaves rather than chewing them? These leaves contain mercury that could stain the teeth if you chew them. The better option is to gulp them to avoid discoloration of teeth.

Tulsi Medicinal Uses and Other Benefits!

Are you aware that there are multiple varieties of tulsi leaves? They are Ram Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi, and van Tulsi. Common Tulsi Medicinal uses are:

• Tulsi health benefits include therapeutic properties like anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. It is also cardioprotective.
• Other medicinal properties of tulsi include instant relief from cold and cough. It has antimicrobial and anti-allergic properties that control cough.
• Basil also manages the body’s stress levels and boost up overall energy.
• Intake of this herb helps in treating stress, anxiety, and fatigue.
• It has many herbal formulations that aid in treating colds, asthma, flu, and even bronchitis.
• Tulsi juice is also beneficial in curing seasonal flu. Benefits of eating tulsi leaves for influenza increase by mixing ingredients like lemon juice, kali mirch, and ginger.
• Extract of basil leaf is rich in anticonvulsant.
• Infusing tulsi health benefits in various forms can be helpful such as herbal tea, capsules, and powders.

Basil’s benefits and side effects also include the release of anxiety and depression levels. Tulsi supplements are also helpful in lowering down the cholesterol level as it has antioxidant properties. Various formulations of tulsi herb also lower down the uric acid level in the body. It helps in the treatment of problems related to kidney stones. It also gives protection from various types of oral, lung, skin, and liver-associated cancers.

Traditional Tulsi Leaves Benefits

Apart from the above states basil benefits and side effects, it also holds some traditional uses as well.

• Intake of this herb reduces stress, and earlier people use to wallow it as a part of their morning routines.
• It is a great formula for ages to reduce stress levels.
• The stems and roots of this plant are helpful in the treatment of malaria or snake bites.
• Excessive earache problem can also get solved with few drops of tulsi leaf juice.
• The combination of honey, ginger, and tulsi leaves can treat cold and influenza.
• Intake of fresh tulsi juice with a pinch of black pepper can treat periodic fever.
• Applying tulsi extracts can also treat ringworm infection.
• Eugenol is a type of tulsi extract that benefits in relieving all kinds of body pain.


The above guide on tulsi leaves benefits and the tulsi medicinal uses are enough to understand the power of this magical ingredient. It is a wonderful medicinal herb plant that can treat all types of diseases and even refresh your mind.
The medicinal use of Basil is suggestive only as a substitute for diseases stated above. You must consult with your health care physician to get the right to advise on this matter. With this, people can benefit a lot and avail incredible results with the proper use of Tulsi!

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