What is Horse Gram? How to Consume it?

Friday October 29, 2021 at 1:40 am

Have you ever seen the red, black, and green grams that belong to the legume family? Most foodies are aware of the horse gram and impeccable health benefits it offers. It’s a traditional elixir to cope with several diseases like obesity, asthma, heart disease, cold, kidney stones, and diabetes. Horse gram is rich in proteins and calcium content whereas low in fats. It has a considerable proportion of antioxidants in it as well which ultimately makes horse gram effective for weight loss.

Another name for this humble legume is Macrotyloma Uniflorum. It comes from the English name and is a staple food by cattle and horses. In Tamil, it is known as Kollu, Kulthi in Hindi, and Ulavalu in Telugu. Horse gram is also referred to as ‘Hurule’ in Kannada, ‘Gahat’ in Nepali, ‘Hulaga’ in Marathi, and ‘Muthira’ in Malayalam.

Where Did Horse Gram Originate?

Horse gram or ‘Macrotyloma Uniflorum’ refers to a pulse crop that is highly cultivated in several parts of tropical Africa and South-East Asia. Due to its nutritional content, even the National Academy of Sciences US has suggested this legume as an incredible food source. It also pertains to heavy drought resistance and some amount of hardiness in it.

Horse gram is a protein-rich lentil available on this planet and is a powerful food indeed. Maybe that’s the reason why even horses are fed with such grams known popularly as the horse gram in the market. This crop is mainly grown in tropical regions and dry agricultural lands. With its regular intake, you can bless yourself with a large number of benefits.

Advantages of Eating Horse Gram!

There are several other advantages that you can seek by the regular intake of horse gram in your meals. Introducing them to your food can render the following benefits.

  • Insulin Resistance- As per the survey reports from the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, there are findings that unprocessed raw horse seeds have the ability to reduce high blood sugar levels. These grams slow down carbohydrate digestion and cut down insulin resistance by inhibiting protein-tyrosine phosphates. It’s a perfect choice for diabetic-friendly food.
  • Packed with Antioxidants- The Horse Gram Seeds also have rich polyphenol content along with effective proteins and flavonoids. The maximum proportion of antioxidants are in fruits, making them a healthy option for regular intake. The Department of Grain Science Technology report in the Central Food Technological Research Institute in Mysuru suggests that antioxidant activity is in abundance inside the horse gram.
  • Proves Effective in Urinary Discharge- According to the extracts from Ayurveda, horse gram is a potential diuretic and can prove helpful for the increase of urine flow. Consuming horse gram soup twice a day can prove beneficial and show great results if consumed regularly for four weeks.
  • Avoids Kidney Stones- Owing to the diuretic properties and nature, horse gram can help remove kidney stones. Adding it as a part of your daily diet can also restrict kidney stone formation. It also has some compounds making the stones soluble to intake.
  • Cures Ulcers- The evident lipids on Horse Gram can also show potential benefits in the anti-ulcer activity due to phytosterol esters. Research from the Department of Surgery at London’s University College and Medical school suggests that its very effective in healing mouth ulcers.
  • Relief in Asthma- As per the dedicated Ayurvedic prescription given to the Asthmatic patients, intake of boiled and paste horse gram and pepper helps manage congestion, cold, and cough. It might not be a permanent cure for Asthma but can impart instant relief to sort breathing difficulties.
  • Keeps Heart Diseases Away- The heart is sensitive to the oxidative damage caused due to the free radicals that portray a crucial role in aging and cause heart ailments. The human body can, however, minimize the damage with a balanced intake of antioxidants and nutrients. Raw horse gram can also give you amazing benefits, and its low carb content makes it perfect for the healthy heart.

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Is Intake of Horse Gram Beneficial for Weight Loss?

Intake of horse grams in appropriate quantities can help manage obesity levels and pose an attack on the body’s fatty tissues. Its high phenol content is also very helpful in gaining a toned body. Obese people prefer intake of these lentils to develop a healthier body and overall well-being.

Other Reasons to Consume Horse Grams

Horse gram can also give you warmth in winter, especially when you consume it as a soup. It can generate adequate energy and keep you warm enough on a cold winter day. These grams are also a rich source of proteins, calcium, and iron.

Due to its high-level calcium content, this pulse ranks as the richest source of vegetarian protein in your diet. As these legumes have a high iron level, they can also help cure the menstrual cycle issues in patients. Even the hemoglobin levels can surge up with the right proportion of iron in the diet.

Nutritional Value of Horse Gram

Every 100 grams of horse gram consists of 22 gm protein, 3 gm mineral, 5 gm Fibers, 57 gm carbohydrates, 7 mg Iron, 287 mg calcium, and 311 mg Phosphorous.

What are the Side-Effects of Eating Horse Gram?

Horse gram consists of the phytic acid that acts as an anti-nutrient in most cases. It could restrict your body from the absorption of all nutrients. For decreasing the phytic acid in your meals, you can consume it after sprouting, soaking, and cooking these gram seeds.

You must also avoid intake of horse gram or any other similar pulses if you are suffering from gout issues. Patients having gout problems have high uric acid levels, especially around their joints. Intake of legumes can add to different acidity levels. Hence, it is better to restrict the intake when consuming in large amounts.

Horse gram seeds are also not suitable for pregnant women as their high quantities can increase body heat and lead to several issues. Avoid its intake if you have any other ayurvedic concoction, or at least seek a bit of advice from a learned expert in this context. Apart from that also, read our blog’s ways in which cinnamon helps in reducing weight easily here!

Winding Up

Horse gram is packed with weight loss benefits when taken in the sprouts form. You can also intake in the form of a yummy and delicious soup or as a hot dish. Not everyone can digest these lentils raw. You can soak it in a white cloth and keep it in water for around 6-8 hours. As it requires a lot of chewing, you feel fuller for a longer time, and it helps in better digestive health as well.

Due to its excellent nutritional properties and multiple fitness benefits are a valuable option to upgrade your health. Start using it today to avail a sleek and toned physique along with improved health on the whole! Reap maximum benefits of this legume by consuming it in a moderate proportion at the right times. You can also make it healthier by preparing a stew or soup out of it. Lastly, this wonderful legume can provide you with many healthcare benefits like higher nutritional value and an enhanced digestive system.

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