Sunburns : Dos & Dont’s?

Monday January 20, 2020 at 6:56 am

The sunburns are a painful experience. We highly recommend using sun creams at all times when it is necessary. Not only sunburns are painful and irritating in themselves, but they also are not always short-lived. Sometimes they might last whole life and actually put you at a much higher risk of skin cancer.

There is nothing so awesome as prevention but in case you do get a sunburn, you can most likely deal with it to least long term damage if you take a few cautions. However, you must start quickly as soon as you notice the burn. Here are some things you can do to deal with it:

1. Get away from the sun

To begin with, you must get away from the sun as soon as you notice the burn – preferably indoors.

2. Moisturise

Try taking frequent cool baths and showers. It will help you relieve the pain. Apply a moisturizer to trap water on your skin. Moisturizers with Aloe Vera and/or soy are highly recommended for the purpose. Remember while the burn heals, dehydration is your enemy and will increase irritation in the burn.

We thus recommend that you make sure the product you are using doesn’t contain something that will make the burn worse.

3. Consider taking Aspirin or ibuprofen

These pills can help reduce the swelling, redness, and discomfort and can stiffen the pain.

4. Don’t pop blisters

blisters are a sign of second-degree burn which is slightly bad news. But they are not bad in themselves as they are created by the body for healing purposes and for saving the skin from further infection. don’t pop them.

5. Drink more water

it is always a good tip and drinking lots of it will help you from getting dehydrated. Like we said earlier, dehydration is your enemy.

6. Wear tightly woven clothes when having burn

It is important that your skin is fully covered while you heal. If you hold your cloth in front of the light, and see light coming out of it; it is not thick enough.

7. Consult a doctor

If it seems even half-serious, having a consultation with a doctor is highly recommended.

To conclude, we would return to recommending always using sun creams when desirable. The adage ‘Prevention is better than cure’ stands true here as ever elsewhere.

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