5 Innovative Recipes with Cucumber!

Wednesday June 2, 2021 at 6:38 pm

Stay Hydrated with These Unique Cucumber Recipes!

Do you know a veggie that could keep you up on hydration? Yes, it’s the magic food Cucumber with more than 90% water content in it. And the refreshing flavor of this great vegetable tempts you and is irresistible. Although you might have been munching on it throughout your life, a few unique recipes are revealed here. People prefer eating it raw as salads or in wrapped up sandwiches. Cucumber is also high to prepare summer coolers as its combination with mint and lemon does wonder. You can enjoy this food every day due to the long list of benefits it holds along. 

Benefits of eating Cucumber:

  • Due to 90% water content, it brings about a gorgeous glow on your skin and cleanses all the harmful toxins from the pores. 
  • Cooling properties of Cucumber rejuvenates the dry skin and gives a fresh sheen to your skin. 
  • Beauticians often use cucumber slices as a treatment for dark circles and puffy eyes. 
  • There are multiple types in which cucumber application is common in face masks and beauty treatment. 
  • Deep cleansing of skin pores is possible with the proper intake of Cucumber. 
  • High Vitamin C content also has many health benefits like fat oxidation and slashing down sodium, cholesterol, and carb level in your body. 
  • Cucumber is full of fiber and keeps you fuller by managing the right calories in your diet.
  • An amazing digestive property of Cucumber helps in reducing the inflammation caused due to oily and spicy foods. 

5 Interesting Recipes to Make from Cucumber!

The perfect healthy kitchen remains incomplete till there is Cucumber in your list of healthy veggies. It is a celebrity food with multiple health and skin properties that makes it an excellent food for everyone. But do you know unique ways to incorporate Cucumber into your diet? You can surely amaze your family with any of these options on this World Water Day and explain the importance of staying hydrated. It’s a thoughtful movie that can help in putting across the vitality of this tasty food. 

Check out the creative Cucumber recipes to try out:

Pickled Cucumbers

It is a popular Mediterranean dish and yet unexplored by many countries in the world. Pickled cucumbers are a great way of presenting the dinner apart from the everyday salads. This is wonderful in taste, and you can enhance the flavors with multiple anti-inflammatory spices like bay leaves, dill, and garlic. You can also go through the full recipe online to know more about the individual steps on it. 

Tzatziki Dip with Cucumbers

It is a thoughtful recipe for looking for a healthy and tasty dip with your favorite snacks. Cucumber has a very versatile fragrance and flavor that easily blends with any form and variety. A combination of cucumbers with Greek yogurt and olive oil can result in a mouth-melting creamy dip. You can also try sliced cucumbers to bring about a twist in this Tzatziki dip. This one is a creamy dip, and you apply it as concoction on various type of sandwiches and even use as a dressing on salads or even the grain bowls. Add few drops of lemon into it for the delicious taste and amazing aroma. 

Protein-Rich Stuffed Cucumbers

What’s better if you have protein and hydration packed in a single dish? It is yet another innovative cucumber recipe with a great stuffing of avocados and peppers. Give it a 5-Star look by cutting cucumbers lengthwise and then scoop out in the center. Now add a filling of Tuna, which is super healthy and full of proteins. You can add some additional spices for flavors. The Tuna and Cucumber with avocado is a protein and fiber-rich diet that looks like a perfect snacking option. And the crunch in its bite is just divine! Many expert dieticians suggest this recipe to satiates your appetite and keeps you fuller for a longer time. 

Cucumber Juice

Summers are quenching people with thirst and calls for some satiating coolers. But going low on sugar intake is also equally important. Cucumbers are a healthy option for juices, and blend it with other tasteful flavors like apples, orange, pineapple, ginger, and celery. The recipe is also a super simple alternative for those who are not pro at cooking and kitchen chores. Throw them all into the blender and await the perfect soothing cooler drink right away. It is also a great welcome drink to pamper your guests and flaunt your cooking talent!

Cold Cucumber Soup

Is gazpacho the only summer soup in your catalog? Then it’s a disservice to yourself as cucumbers rule out here also very well. Blend cucumbers with olive oil and yogurt to develop a delicious soup that is equally healthy and refreshing. Cucumbers are a great source of taste, health, hydration, and refreshment that could make you feel lighter and yet energetic all the time. 

The Final Take!

Cucumber intake is possible in multiple other combinations, such as the cheesecake or the morning toast with a slice stuffed with spices and Cucumber. Add some eggs and chickpeas to make it a healthy, satiating breakfast. There are versatile recipes of cucumbers available online through various videos and recipe notes. People who find it challenging to drink loads of water can switch to a cucumber diet and compensate for the water intake quickly. 

Although, fluid hydration is always different, and that’s why the juices and coolers are so famous for curbing thirst! If you have not yet tried these exciting recipes with other experimental tweaks, go for it today. You can also experiment with your innovations and delight your loved ones with this tasteful ingredient. Share your innovations on cucumber recipes or something you have recently read out about the properties of this magical power-packed veggie in your kitchen! Awaiting your valuable comments. Stay hydrated!

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