All About Getting Water Out of One’s Ears

Friday July 22, 2022 at 9:13 am

It happens to everybody. Maybe just after a swim or shower or due to sweat drops formed by earbuds or perhaps due to some other reason, one gets water clogged in one’s ears. It is an annoying situation, and Fortunately, One can treat it quickly enough. This article will discuss various methods of getting that nasty water out of one’s ears.

The following tips can help one in getting water out of one’s ears:

  • One should first dry the outer ear with a soft and clean piece of cloth. While doing so, one should tip one’s head to one side to take the help of gravity. That may make the water drain. One can gently pull on one’s earlobe to further assist the process by straightening the ear canal. One should not try to stick the cloth inside the ear to do this.
  • One can turn on the blower and use it to blow wind into the ear. While doing this, one should keep the drier at a low setting and hold the blower at a distance of at least one foot from the ear.
  • Another effective method of getting water out of one’s ears is to try drying drops often available over the counter.
  • One can also make drying drops at home by mixing equal portions of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Only a teaspoon of this solution needs to be poured into each ear. And one should tilt the head and let the solution drain out.

Not all methods for getting water out of ears are ideal. There are many wrong methods, too, which can do damage by scratching the ear canal or by spoiling the earwax in the channel, and one should avoid such procedures. These methods include the following.

  • One should avoid using cotton swabs to get water out of one’s ears. They can impact earwax and can also dirt down in your ear canal. They can remove the crucial wax that protects one’s ear while also disrupting the natural bacteria in the ear canal or causing irritation to the thin skin of the ear canal.
  • One should also not stick one’s fingers or fingernail in the ears as that can scratch the highly delicate skin of ear canals.
  • One shouldn’t use hydrogen peroxide or drying drops in case one has ear tubes or a ruptured eardrum.

As long as one takes the necessary precautions, one can quickly get rid of water in one’s ears in most cases. In other cases, one should consult a physician.

It may also be far more effective to keep the water out rather than getting it out once it has entered the ear. The following precautions can help keep the water out of one’s ears:

  • One should permanently remove earbuds if one is sweaty.
  • One can coat a cotton ball with petroleum jelly and slip it into one’s outer ears during a bath to keep the water out.
  • One can block one’s ears with cotton balls when one uses hair spray or hair dye.
  • One should always use earplugs and swim caps whenever one goes for a swim.
  • One should always visit a doctor to remove earwax if one thinks there is some problem with wax buildup. Earwax is necessary to protect the ears, but too much of it can also trap water in the ear canal.
  • One can also use hydrogen peroxide with a physician’s approval. If one has wax buildup and doesn’t have ear tubs, cleaning ears with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution might be recommended. All one needs for the purpose is to put about half of an ear dropper-full into one’s ear and let bubbles form. As one turns one’s head to the side, one can gently pull on the top of the ear and let the liquid drain.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A lot of people have doubts and questions regarding gold lockers. Some of the most important of these frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are discussed in detail below:

Question: Is it dangerous to have water clogged in one’s ears?

Answer: Not immediately, but if one doesn’t take care of it, one might end up with an infection known as otitis externa, or more popularly, swimmer’s ear. The thing is, when water sits in one’s ear canal, the bacteria present in these canals can multiply much faster, resulting in an ear infection.

Questions: Are there any precautions to take while removing water from one’s ears?

Answer: Yes, it is essential to keep the following in mind when removing water out of one’s ears:

  • It is essential to do it properly. If improperly done, that might lead to an increased chance of swimmer’s ear.
  • If one has a ruptured eardrum or tubes in one’s ears, there is an additional reason to be careful while taking the water out of one’s ears.
  • If signs of an infection develop, one should consult a doctor immediately.
  • Whenever in doubt, it is best to consult a physician.

If the reader has any other questions, they should feel free to ask them.

Questions: What are some of the symptoms of an ear infection?

Answer: The following are some of the significant symptoms of swimmer’s ear:

  • Itching is one’s ear canal.
  • Redness inside one’s ear
  • Discomfort or pain might get worse when one pulls on your outer ear or pushes on the little bump in front of one’s ear
  • Clear, odorless fluid might drain from one’s ear canal.

If any of the symptoms listed above show, one should quickly consult a physician.

Question: What should one do if one has a swimmer’s ear?

Answer: In such a case, one should see a doctor who will prescribe eardrops that can kill the bacteria or fungus causing the infection and thus will ease the symptoms like pain, inflammation, and swelling.

The Bottom Line

One can quickly wrap up the above discussion by concluding that though having water clouds may appear as an initial problem, one should not ignore it, and proper treatment for the same should be undertaken as quickly as possible.

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