Top 10 Health Insurance Companies of India 2020

Wednesday May 6, 2020 at 11:43 am

There are various health insurance companies in India; however, the list of ten leading companies changes every year. The list changes by considering some features such as incurred claim ratio, annual benefit, annual performance, and other specialized facilities that the insurance company offers to its customers.

Nowadays, many people have significant diseases, and getting them treated requires a large number of medicines. Thus, having a proper insurance plan can quickly help in efficiently treating life-threatening and hazardous diseases. 

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company:

It is a famous insurance claim company that has an outstanding record of 92 percent in the 2019 year. The insurance plan was popular because of the new addition of life-long renewability and portability factors in 2019. People can quickly treat freely in 10000 hospitals, and both families, as well as an individual, can have a facility of insurance plans.


Star Health Insurance Company:

It had a 90 percent incurred claim ration last year. The Company provides unique plans to both individuals and families; also, people can have proper treatment without carrying cash in various hospitals. 


Max Bupa Health Insurance Company

It has risen in last year with a perfect incurred claim ratio of 92 percent. 


  • Max Bupa Websites: 
  • Max Bupa Plans: Health Recharge, Money Save
SBI Health Insurance Company

It is a joint venture that helps in providing various cashless plans. It does not register people with clean medication papers till 45 years, and people can easily renew their old policies. 


Religare Health Insurance Company

It helps in treating diabetes and hypertension diseases with cashless plans. The Company includes incurred a claim ratio of 93 percent last year, which is a gradual increase after many years. 


ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company

This Company has a 91 percent incurred claim ratio. 


  • ManipalCigna Website:
  • ManipalCigna Plans: Pro-Health insurance, Lifestyle Protection Health Insurance
Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance Company

It has risen quickly, with a 98 percent incurred claim ratio. 


New India Assurance Health Insurance Company:

This insurance Company has the last year incurred a claim ratio of 97 percent. It helps in protecting individual, spouse, and two kids comfortably with best plans. 


Oriental Health Insurance Company:

This insurance company does not require any medical test for lending insurance policies. It has provided an incurred claim ratio of 89 percent in 2019. 


National Health Insurance Company:

It contains a 103.19 percent incurred claim ratio that includes 6000 hospitals under their insurance plans. 


 You can easily choose any of the best health insurance companies by comparing plans and incurred claim ratio for best results.  

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