How are Craisins good for weight loss?

Thursday January 20, 2022 at 11:35 am

Craisins or dried cranberries, are the sweet dried fruits that you can enjoy from time to time or even use to level up your recipes with some quirky dried fruit and added sweetness. But if you’re someone who’s on the lookout for a well-managed diet and food intake, then you might want to think twice before consuming another mouthful of these sweet delicacies.

You might enjoy these tasty delights, but are craisins good for weight loss and overall health? In this article, we answer this question and discuss other variables surrounding this dried snack. So make sure to read it till the end.

Fiber is an important dietary material and should always be included as a part of your diet whether you’re aiming for weight loss or not. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, having fiber in your diet will promote healthy digestion, can help lower levels of cholesterol in your system, and also reduce the risks of diabetes, especially Type-2 diabetes.

With a healthy digestive system, the debate on whether craisins are good for weight loss or not is again countered. Remember that a healthy digestive system does not automatically mean a quick and easy weight loss experience. It has less to do with weight loss and more to do with your overall health.

Are craisins even healthy?

Though craisins are loaded with a heavy amount of sugar, can craisins be a good snack for your weight loss or not, let’s find out.

  • They also contain lots of vitamins and minerals along with a high quantity of fiber, so don’t omit them from your diet just yet.
  • It would not be recommended to have craisins as a snack alone, but you can eat it in moderation or small quantities along with other meals and snacks, or even during your pre and post-workout sessions.
  • In these circumstances, the added sugar can add an energy boost to your diet and workout sessions, and also help with a faster recovery.
  • So while they contain the same nutrients and minerals as fresh cranberries, commercial drying and processing can significantly reduce the vitamin content and the added sugar just adds to a decrease in the nutrient density. Try looking for craisin options with lower sugar in them.

Are craisins good for weight loss?

Going back to the first question, of ‘Are craisins good for weight loss?’. The answer would be that it depends on your consumption levels and digestive system.

As we have already mentioned before, they are a great energizer and energy booster for your pre and post-workout sessions, and also aid in the speedy recovery of any sore muscles or joints.

Moreover, you can also opt for fresh and raw cranberries that are significantly lower in calories and you can add them to your weight loss diet. If you plan to stick to dried cranberries or craisins, then go for the ones with the low-sugar levels or the organic ones that have little to no adulteration added in them.

But in the end, you must remember that one type of food such as craisins or cranberries alone, cannot make you lose weight just like that. You need to have your necessary intake of other proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, etc coupled with the right body exercises if you wish to see results.


With all the factors considered about craisins being good for health or not, it would be safe to conclude that craisins are, all in all, more of a good snack to be eaten in moderation than some wonder fruit for magic weight loss.

As a result, if you want to lose weight and bring some other changes in your diet and overall lifestyle, then it would be better to talk to an experienced dietitian or personal health trainer who can guide you through the process.


Q1: How much Calorie and fat content do craisins contain?

Answer: It should be noted that one-fourth cup or 32 grams of the original craisins contain 130 calories with no fat. For such a small amount of food, that’s quite a high number of calories to intake. Then when you look at the flavored alternatives, such as cherry, blueberry, etc they also have the same amount of calorie content. On the other hand, chocolate-covered craisins rank higher on the scale with a calorie content of 180 and 8 grams of fat of the same size, that is, one-fourth cup or 32 grams of craisins.

Q2: Should you eat craisins after all?

Answer: Craisins have a high fiber content, which is a good choice if you want to improve your digestive health and reduce any risks of heart or diabetic problems in the future. On the other hand, the commercial processing and added sugar significantly reduce its nutritional and mineral value.

Despite everything, you still crave some craisins. Then look for the ones that have a low-sugar level in them or go for a more organic option to add to your diet to make up for the high sugar levels and low nutritional value.

On the other hand, you can opt for some delicious craisins in your diet if you wish to increase your daily sugar intake instead. But you should consume them in moderation of course, and try to avoid eating them as a regular snack.

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