5 Common myths busted about C-Section Delivery

Tuesday January 12, 2021 at 4:23 pm

C-Section or Cesarean delivery is a common term for most women dealing with pregnancies and childbirth. As a woman, there is much advice that you might have to deal with while planning a delivery. With rising birth complications, the rate of C-Section delivery is also shooting globally. But is this type of childbirth painless and free from fuss? Are women giving birth through this way facing no troubles? 

Well, there are many old wives’ tales and myths about the cesarean section that needs an apparent breakthrough. It is highly crucial to understand and recognize the adversities and unexplained facts about this type of childbirth. While finding the real reasons and facts behind C-Section, we also came across a lot of myths related to this birth process. Women who wish to abstain the nerve-cracking pelvic pain and regular childbirth horror often switch to this option. But you also have to face some drawbacks such as chances of facing a hysterectomy or a more prolonged recovery period. 

While thinking about a safer option between vaginal delivery and the C-Section, there are a few myths that you must unfold. 

Five myths about C-Section delivery are:

  1. Myth- C-section is an easy option in comparison to vaginal birth

Fact- Women undergoing this process have to go through a major abdominal surgery that also needs a longer time to recover and heal. There are also many risks that only your gynaecologists can inform after discussing your medical history. After surgery, pain is severe, and anaesthesia effect lasts forever. 

  1. Myth- Chances of Prolapse are higher with C-Section

Fact- Prolapse of the vagina occurs when the surrounding walls become lax. It means that bladder, uterus and rectum cannot sustain the pressure and even bowel movement begins. However, this risk is prevalent regardless of either process of childbirth. 

  1. Myth- Doctors suggest C-Section make more money.

Fact- This is a common myth due to which many uninformed people force pregnant women force for vaginal delivery despite critical medical conditions. Most Gynaecologists try their best to perform vaginal childbirth as it does not have any severe after-effects on the women. However, in some cases, women willingly prefer C-Section deliveries as they cannot cope with the pain and effort to push in a normal delivery. Besides, there are also cases where the medical history does not allow stress for vaginal delivery and performing a C-Section becomes the only choices. Doctors do not get any additional incentive for it; instead, they are prone to high-risk surgeries in such cases. 

  1. Myth- Multiple C-Sections is perfectly fine.

Fact- Most doctors advise to avoid pregnancy for at least 3 years after one C-Section delivery which is not the case otherwise. Repeated or multiple C-Sections can invite potential risks, especially after 3 or 4 cesareans. It can result in placenta accrete, which is a severe medical condition. In this, the placenta grows near the blood vessels and at the prior scars of C-Section. It might generate the need for hysterectomy or blood transfusions in many cases due to massive blood loss. 

  1. Myth- Vaginal birth is not possible after C-Section childbirth.

Fact- It is a pervasive myth which is absurd. Although VBAC is not suggestive for every woman, many pregnant women can go for it. There are specific health and fitness criteria that you need to meet to give a vaginal birth after C-Section, and not all hospitals allow it as well. As per the detailed investigation, your OBGYN can provide a decision. Most doctors encourage women for normal delivery as it facilitates healthy delivery in most women. 

Wrap up

Undoing all the above myths on C-Section is highly essential to ensure a healthy pregnancy and problem-free childbirth. As a woman, it is ultimately your choice, comfort and preference to select the type of delivery in consultation with your physician and OBGYN. Any interference of inappropriate myths and fake tales might ruin the most important part of your pregnancy journey. Hence, stay informed and educated about the actual C-Section facts before arriving at any decision. After all, your and your baby’s health is of utmost priority at the end.

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