Can suicidal instincts be genetic?

Sunday September 6, 2020 at 4:38 pm

How many of you can believe that suicidal genes come from hereditary? But, off late, there has been a lot of evidence which proves that this is true. Many genetic factors and hereditary family factors are responsible for the suicidal instincts in a person. Several types of psychological illnesses lead to depression and anxiety, such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcohol or drug addiction, substance abuse, and other disorders.

Although it is not true in every case, many people lead to such thoughts due to family history. It does not mean that people can pertain to this behavior as suicide is the most cowardly act anyone can do. No matter how vulnerable you feel or how bad the phase is, it will pass, and getting apt treatment for any mental sickness is normal and obvious.

Scientifically proven- Suicidal instinct can be genetic!

It is not a myth, and this is proven by recent research, which shows that suicide and genes are co-related to each other. The human gene can manage the secretion of protein known as a brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) that accelerates or controls the mental ailments like bipolar disorders and many others. Just like Diabetes, blood pressure, and other chronic diseases, even suicide passes on through families’ genes. A similar link to BDNF possess a potential threat for suicide that might be genetic.

Only because someone has that genes do not mean they will tend to portray such behaviors. Exhibition of suicidal nature can also gradually develop due to the present circumstances and the kind of people you have around you. The quality of people with whom you maintain relations is a crucial aspect.

People with negativity and a cruel mindset can cause you several potential hazards, financially, emotionally, and even physically. The complexity of multiple factors results in such suicidal tendencies, which are completely unacceptable. Your behavior can also relate to the genetic hormones and other neurological factors that lead to suicidal thoughts.

Relativity between genes and suicide!

Can genes determine whether a person could take such a vulnerable step or no? As per two new findings in the medical sciences, it is proven that your brain releases the chemical called ‘serotonin’ that triggers the violent thoughts of self-destruction. Under such a scenario, many people commit suicide or make an attempt for one while several others also tend to harm other partners. When serotonin is present in low amounts, it leads to depression. Regular intake of antidepressants such as Prozac is effective in boosting up the serotonin levels in your brain.

Suicide is the 8th leading cause for numerous deaths in the U.S., and many others made suicidal attempts that failed due to strong emotional support or their inner positive instincts. Suicide or even its thought has no justification, and there is no problem that you could solve with this. People take such extreme steps due to a shortage of finances, depression, relationship disasters, and multiple others. But, you always have at least one more reason to live than to die. However, many evidences showcase the fact that just like many other mental illnesses, suicidal thoughts pass on through generations, and it depends on an individual to tackle this problem.

Why do people pertain to genetic suicidal behavior?

Along with inheriting mental illnesses and suicidal feelings, people also get the disposition towards such feelings. Random testing on a group of psychiatry patients specified that this problem is manageable with effective steps and measures. Testing for suicidal genes also helps determine the kind of acts that a person is subject to, and preventive measures can prove quite helpful. Few findings also claimed that treatment strategies work in favor of the potential targets to suicidal actions. It is a significant step to save people from the most undesirable step they could ever opt for.

Violent and scary suicidal instincts are out of imagination, as punishing yourself to death cannot be an option to anything in this world. Genetic variations can play a significant role, and pre-alarm to this mental condition might save many lives. A general survey and testing for serotonin levels amongst people who made an attempt for suicide, out of which 50% had a genetic problem. Their hereditary was the core cause as someone in the families directly associated with depression, anxiety, or other complex psychological issues.

Steps to cope with suicidal thoughts

If it is evident that a person is prone to mental illness or such extreme steps due to genetic reasons, advanced measures and care can help turn the situation to get vulnerable. When you feel pity on yourself or wish to quit the world, at least once talk to your parents or friends about the damages of your action! To cope with such suicidal tendencies, here is a list of activities that you can practice to calm your evil instincts and take any wrong actions:

  • Talk your heart out with anyone who can give you right guidance
  • Remember, family and friends always need you no matter what the world thinks!
  • Before sleeping, read a book with some motivational and positive thoughts that boosts your morale.
  • Skip parties or social gatherings that make you feel small or vulnerable.
  • Meditate daily for some time to throw the bad quality thoughts out of your mind.
  • Go out for a non-luxurious road trip to experience the thrill and adventure of being down to earth!
  • Praise yourself for every small deed no matter if the world counts it or not.
  • Above all, cherish the fact that your list of lovers is far more important than that of haters.

Final words

Genes and hormones are responsible for most of your psychological and physical health, and right testing can impart you a fair idea on the same. Behavioral disorders like schizophrenia are also many times genetic, and people have no clue why they are facing this issue. Genes create a lot of play with your mind and body that most people fail to realize. So, next time if you face any such complexity of emotions, it can be a genes game. 

May be discussing your feelings or thoughts with the elderly family members can help out. If you have genetic suicidal instincts, there are high chances that they might have gone through the same phase at some stage of life and could guide you in tough times. You are extremely precious, treasure yourself!


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