Basic Keto Meal Plan Manual- Beginner’s Guide!

Wednesday May 26, 2021 at 3:50 pm

Keto Diet- Get Your First Meal Plan Here!

Isn’t the trend of a ketogenic diet is at a high surge? You might have heard many of your gym freak friends or weight loss enthusiasts boasting about their keto plan and regimes. What does it include? Keto meals comprise average proteins and low-carb levels along with a concentrated fat diet. People performing Keto restrain carbohydrate intake and focus mainly on protein consumption. It aids in reducing the level of carbs through a metabolic stage known as ketosis. It results in accelerating the energy levels in your body. 

Keto Diet helps in the generation of ‘Ketones’ molecule! Hence, when the blood sugar level goes down, these molecules fuel up your body. While consuming calories, the liver develops ketones from the fats you consume. And these ketones fuel up your brain with high energy levels. Your brain needs a lot of energy and cognitive thinking, which gets supplemented through these ketones! During a keto diet, your body burns the natural fat inside it to help you stay active. It is effective in losing weight naturally!

The Keto diet has many benefits: the supply of energy and lesser hunger pangs without shooting up the sugar levels. With a ketogenic diet, your focus can develop on a better level, lending you healthier well-being!

<h2>What Should You Eat and Avoid in Keto Diet?</h2>

You must contain food that is rich in carbs. Using a ketogenic diet effectively can help manage protein, fat, and carbs in your body. Thus, it is viable to manage weight loss rightly using the below-stated food items that you must include or avoid in the meals. 

<h3>Things to Eat in a Keto Diet!</h3>

Here is the list of food items that you must consume as a part of your keto diet:

  • Meat- There are unprocessed meats and low carbs, which are a part of a keto-friendly diet. Even organic meat is a good option. People on ketosis preferably consider this in their diet. 
  • Seafood and Fish- All fishes are great, including Salmon. It is better to intake smaller fishes such as mackerel, sardines, and herring if you fear any toxins and mercury. Even wild-caught fish are a great choice as it consists of carbs. 
  • Eggs- It is wonderful to consume eggs as per your choice. You can have boiled eggs scrambled into omelets and even those fried in butter. 
  • Veggies above the ground- Whether it’s frozen or fresh, it works for the keto diet! You need to pick vegetables grown above the ground and especially the leafy and green ones!
  • Cheese- It is yet another food item that has zero carbs and high on fats. An average 1-Ounce of Cheese slice consists of 30% saturated fat. Those worried about heart diseases can consider having cheese. 

Food Items to Avoid in a Keto Diet!

Check the list of foods that are a big ‘NO’ if you are on ketosis!

  • Grains- Any type of cereal, pasta, rice, beer, bread, crackers, or pasta is very high in carbohydrates. You need to find better alternatives such as shirataki noodles, spiral veggies, and other low-carb foods. 
  • High-sugar fruits and Starchy Veggies- Vegetables with high-level starch are easily digestible compared to fiber and must be consumed in lesser amounts. It consists of beets, corns, sweet potatoes, and potatoes. Refrain from having high-sugary foods that can trigger blood sugar levels like berries. 
  • Yogurts with sweetener- For cutting down on sugar, consider the intake of plain Yogurt. Even Greek Yogurt is rich in proteins and consists of low carbohydrates as compared to natural Yogurt. 
  • Chips- A strict no to crackers or chips and other grain-filled snacks low in fiber and high in carbs. 
  • Gluten-Free Baked foods- Avoid conventional baked food items like muffins or gluten-free bread. They have no fiber as well. 

While you plan a shopping list for the Keto Diet, consume low-carb foods like vegetables, eggs, fish, and meat. It should be a novice rule to intake less than 5% carbs quantity in all!

What Beverages to Drink on a Ketogenic Meal Plan?

Follow the list of important drinks and beverages that you must intake while on a keto plan:

Water- It is anyways mandatory to keep yourself hydrated! Sparkle it on ice to sip it up with other natural flavors such as limes, cucumbers, and lemons. If undergoing ‘Keto Flu,’ it is advisable to add a pinch of salt. 

  • Coffee- A small cup of coffee without sugar and a bit of cream can be acceptable. 
  • Tea- Feel free to enjoy various tea beverages like green, Orange Pekoe, black or herbal tea. But all without sugar!
  • Broth- Packed with electrolytes and nutrients, Broth is a wonderful combination to consume as a drink. A pat of butter to enhance its flavor is also fine. 

Benefits of Keto Diet!

A Keto diet is suggestive as a complementary treatment for a vast number of diseases and medical conditions. Below listed are the top benefits of being on ketosis!

  • The weight loss process gets faster when you are on a keto diet compared to any other Mediterranean diet, as it is low in carbs. 
  • Keto meals also amp up the blood sugar regulation in the patients having type 2 Diabetes. It also shows a significant cut down on cholesterol levels. 
  • Ketosis keeps you high on energy even while you are on a diet, as there is no provision of staying hungry for a longer time. 
  • You can always munch on something to have a cheat day and enjoy your meals at the weekends. 

What is ‘Keto Flu’ and Tips to Stick With Ketosis!

Keto Flu is the most significant side-effect faced by the people on Keto Diet. It is nothing serious as your body takes some time to adapt to the new and different keto plan. And that not everyone faces this issue. You can adjust slowly to it as everyone has their body limits! You can consult a professional dietician before starting up with the keto diet in case of any existing medical conditions!

Now, let’s move on to some expert tips for sustaining the keto diet smoothly:

  • Began with the keto regime when you have no stress and ready to adapt to the natural changes in the body. 
  • Avoid including high-carb foods in your daily grocery shopping list. 
  • Work on a weekly keto plan and include meals that could reduce the hunger cravings. 
  • Keep Keto-Friendly drinks and food items handy in your refrigerator. 
  • Go through the product label description to keep yourself updated on the carb count!
  • Try to divide your food into 5-6 small meals rather than 3 larger ones. 
  • Be high on fluids to prevent the ‘Keto Flu. 
  • Restrict your workout sessions to milder exercises in the initial weeks to reduce the impact of this diet adversely on your body. 

Final Thoughts!

Are you determined to go on a Keto Diet? Remember, there is nothing such as a shortcut or an easy strategy to stay healthy. Pep up your mindset and stabilize to keep your health as the main priority. No miracles happen overnight unless you dedicate the proper schedule and regime to it. Do not go anywhere without appropriate meal plans and foods, or you might feel low and drained! Strike the right foods and enjoy the gradual journey of body transformation. Change should be for the better, and never rush to achieve it in a concise period. Above all, believe that change is bound to happen one day!

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