Advantage of Vegetarian diet

Saturday May 30, 2020 at 12:01 pm

Adopting a mostly vegetarian diet has a number of benefits. Here we list many of them below:

Less toxin intake

There is such a process known as biomagnification which suggests that toxic waste accumulates as we move up the food chain for our food. The vegetarian food will be having much lesser toxic waste per meal than meat and thus healthier.

Less cholesterol

Meat is a major source of cholesterol which causes obesity and a number of heart diseases. Vegetarian diets, in comparison, will help you in staying healthy by the lesser cholesterol per meal.

Lesser risk of Diabetes

Consumption of Diabetes means higher consumption of sugar which in turn leads to Diabetes. Vegetarian food, in contrast, has lesser sugar.

More easily digested

Vegetarian food is far more easily distracted both because it is easy on your digestive system but also because of higher fiber content which is good for your digestive system.

Helps you in stay fit

A vegetarian diet helps you in staying fit. Aside from reduced cholesterol and sugar production, vegetarian food is far more easily digestible. Moreover, vegetables, fruits, and pulses have a huge content of water and thus they make you fill full within far fewer calories.

Important note

Please note that the above-mentioned benefits are based on the assumption that you eat a healthy balanced vegetarian diet. It should not be taken to assume wheat and rice-based diet only. In fact, wheat and rice-based diets are only the main sources of calories which most of us have too many either way. Instead, for your vegan diet to stay healthy it is imperative that there must contain higher amounts of

  1. Fruits – the source of several micronutrients
  2. Vegetables – the source of iron, other nutrients.
  3. Pulses – most important source of proteins
  4. Beans and nuts – to ensure a more holistic diet
  5. Other healthy foods – Green Tea, Black Coffee

A vegetarian diet can be of many forms. And thus we have stuck strictly to a plant-based diet and avoided assumptions about the consumption of milk-based and egg-based diets. In case, you can’t afford pulses regularly, eggs are the best positive alternative as your source of proteins.

Last word

All in all, the vegan diet is both healthier and economic for most of us. Of course, like with all other diets, it must be combined with proper exercise and adequate sleep for maximum benefit.

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