Wockhardt Hospital proves to be a savior to an infant born with complex heart disease

Tuesday March 23, 2021 at 10:48 pm
Nagpur: Domestically as well as internationally, Nagpur is developing itself as a medical tourism hub. In a recent development, an infant from Uganda, the aged three-and-a-half-month was suffering from serious cardiac issues and was operated at Wockhardt Hospital. The boy, named, Micah Sekakoni possessed an 11mm hole in his heart. Dr. Sandeep Khanzode, pediatric cardiac surgeon cured this child.
Dr Khanzode stated, “The baby had a complex heart disease known as ‘endocardial cushion defect’ and ‘AV septal defect”.
Endocardial cushion defect (ECD) refers to an abnormal condition of the heart. The walls that separate the four chambers of the heart are either poorly developed or are totally absent. In addition to this, during the formation, the valves that separate the upper and lower segment of the heart possess certain defects. ECD refers to the congenital disease in the heart since the time of birth.
Dr Khanzode further added, “The baby’s mitral valve was straddling a problem which makes surgery difficult. The surgery was done with several minute vigilances and a baby made a very quick recovery”.
The parents of the child took the decision to bring their child to India for a post-operative check-up as there is no such facilities of a high-end pediatric in Uganda. It was the local authorities who had guided them to undergo the surgery at Wockhardt Hospital.
Charlie Sekakoni, the father of the child exclaimed, “When we started contacting the team of Nagpur’s Wockhardt hospital, we felt quite assured in bringing our child here and getting him treated. This assurance increased even more once we reached the hospital”.
He further went on saying, “We had our own concerns regarding coming to a different country all together where we don’t know anybody and our child is to undergo a major surgery. But the doctors and staff made us feel at ease”.
Abhinandan Dastenavar, Centre Head at Wockhardt Hospitals at Nagpur told, “We are trying to achieve new milestones in healthcare. Nagpur has already achieved a status where we provide treatment at par with metro cities”