Insufficient monitoring of health after getting released from the hospital might be fatal

Tuesday June 1, 2021 at 1:48 pm
Nagpur : According to the doctors, patients might die if their health is not properly monitored after they get released from the hospital. Even after 10-12 days of their release, people are dying due to lack of care in oxygen levels, diabetes and lung physiotherapy.
As per the internal medicine specialists, almost 10%-20% of people passed away due to proper care as they assumed that they have fully recovered. Dr. Manoj Purohit, internal medicine specialist stated, “Getting discharged is not the end of treatment. Patients need to periodically visit their doctor and keep monitoring all parameters for up to 4 months. We are issuing this advisory more often this time as the virus is wreaking havoc.”
Dr. Purohit opined that 80% of the patients are asked to continue oxygen support at home after getting discharged.
After one month of treatment, the oxygen level remains between 90-93 for such patients. The oxygen saturation level above 95% is a good sign.
These patients are diagnosed with an increase in heart rate of nearly 100-110. He added, “This should not go beyond this, and if it shoots up to 120, urgently see a doctor.”
Dr Vinit Niranjane, chest physician opined that the instability in behaviour does not facilitate in any record. He stated, “There is no data, but post –Covid mortality remains undermined. Many Covid patients are shifted to different hospitals during the course of treatment. When they test RT-PCR negative, they are considered non-Covid even if they had been on ventilator during the infection. If a patient comes out, it is counted as recovered.”
Dr Mohan Nerker, internal medicine expert stated that the hospital authorities make sure that the patients, as well as their relatives, are properly educated on these risk factors. He added, “We are getting a lot of referral patients and those treated at other places but needing re-admission with post-Covid complications, especially those who had longer stay, needed O2 and ventilator besides being diabetic, pregnant or having renal issues.”
Dr Nerker told that they are telling the patients who have recovered to keep a check on the sugar level daily. He told, “My team keeps counseling the patients. If patients need O2 at home, we ask them to use distilled water as a humidifier.”
Dr Niranjane concluded that those who suffered from Covid pneumonia greatly have a high level of anxiety and fear of death. The oxygen level of such patients takes a couple of months to get back to its normal level.