Delhi BJP Chief inaugurates mobile health check-up clinic.

Tuesday April 12, 2022 at 12:27 pm

Delhi Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) Chief Adesh Kumar Gupta has inaugurated a first-of-its-kind mobile digital health check-up and NaMo Sewa Kendra at Goyal Hospital and Urology Centre, Krishna Nagar, New Delhi. It is developed jointly by India Health Link (IHL).

After the inauguration of this Mobile Health Screening Kiosk/ATM on World Health Day, Adesh Kumar Gupta got his vitals checked. He was pleasantly surprised on getting the instant report and appreciated the compact technology of this Health screening ATM/Kiosk. He admired how it could screen 22 essential metabolic vitals at the spur of the moment and deliver its report in less than 5 minutes.

Appreciating its uniqueness, he also congratulated its developers and the brains behind it. His curiosity to understand the entire mechanism of the compact health ATM installed in a van increased when he got his screening done with it. He thus asked an array of questions on subjects like Body Mass Index (BMI), Bone Mineral Content (BMC), Electrocardiogram (ECG), and other essential vitals, which can be screened by the health ATM and that can be helpful in preventive care.

Speaking on occasion, Dr. Anil Goyal said, “The mobile health check-up clinic installed in the van is a wonderful digital innovation, which helps do maximum screenings in minimum time. Along with our hospital, we will use this van to screen maximum people in the eastern parts of Delhi. We have a nominal screening charge of Rs. 200 for all the 22 essential vitals, which is very cost-effective. The aim behind the nominal screening charge is to benefit the lower strata of society, as most people are not screened due to the lack of accessibility and affordability. We have installed this health ATM (Kiosk) in the OPD of Goyal Hospital. People deprived of screening due to affordability issues might avail this preventive screening to resist the impending diseases and ensure wellness around them.” He is the chairman at Goyal Hospital & Urology Centre

Dr. Satyender Goel claimed, “I am happy to see how people are excited about the Health ATM/Kiosk’s easy health screening. Developing this hPod/Kiosk/Health ATM aims to provide preventive screening accessibility to every Indian above 18 years. No India should be left unscreened for essential metabolic vitals. We plan to install the hPoD in tier-1, 2, and 3 cities to reach the common masses. The running mobile Health ATM screening van is a step in that direction.” He is the founder and chief executive officer of India Health Link (IHL).

On the occasion of World Health Day, a meticulously designed wellness show titled ‘Wellness Matters’ By India Health Link (IHL) Care in association with HEAL Foundation was launched wherein various wellness experts from across the spectrum participated and held deliberation on the need for such initiatives while assuring support for this initiative because of the rising incidences of cardiac arrest cases and other metabolic disorders such as hypertension, depression, diabetes, and obesity.

Dr. Satyender Goel claimed, “Aiming to serve the working people with one-stop virtual wellness training/counseling, we have launched ‘Wellness Matters by IHL Care’ show associated with HEAL Foundation in customized sessions. We aim to reach out to multi-million working people through this show to bring wellness to the workplace.” He is the founder & Chief Executive officer of India Health Link (IHL).

The grand inauguration of the ‘Wellness Matters by IHL Care’ show also saw the participation of several of India’s top public health and wellness experts. They lauded this initiative for corporate workplace wellness and were committed to supporting this to make it a grand success to bring wellness to India’s society and the working people.