Bharat Biotech Waiting to Receive Positive Feedback from WHO on Covaxin EUL!

Monday September 20, 2021 at 10:54 am

Covaxin EUL by Bharat Biotech Awaits the Confirmation on Its Emergency Use!

The WHO is taking a deep analysis of the reports and findings submitted by the vaccine creators. It’s in sync with the new jab developed by Bharat Biotech. This came to light through the latest update posted on the WHO website.
Resources claim that Bharat Biotech is eagerly waiting to avail feedback from the WHO for its Covaxin EUL. It submitted the complete list of reports and investigations to the World Health Organization owing to its Emergency Use Listing (EUL). Soon the global health authority would project their findings and verdict on this matter.

COVAXIN Drug Under Observation by the WHO for EUL Listing!

Bharat Biotech compiled all the data related to the clinical trials and major findings in their reports until June 2021. It has made an application to the WHO for its Emergency Use Listing (EUL) in the early days of July 2021. In a recent tweet by Bharat Biotech, there are revelations on further insights demanded by the WHO to make the final call.
Bharat Biotech is a reputed and famous manufacturer that availed ascertained approval for all their vaccines. The company stated that making speculations or any comments related to the timelines and the approval process is not appropriate.
Further, they mentioned diligent measures and work to avail of WHO EUL as soon as possible in their tweets.

WHO Revelations Till Date on Covaxin EUL

Another website update of WHO clarified that they are already rolling out the vaccine-related data from July 6. After the data scrutiny, WHO can share their genuine reviews, and as more and more details pop in, the process will receive more pace.
The joint managing director of Bharat Biotech, Suchitra Ella, has already specified a previous statement on the EUL process to take a final call on global acceptance of the Covaxin. With so many measures in full fling, the vaccine could shortly be available for worldwide use. After a green flag by WHO on Covaxin EUL, there are anticipations of a massive surge in the company’s growth chart.
India holds a significant role in the global fight against the COVID pandemic with its series of drugs and multivitamins. Worldwide vaccine acceptance could result in the crossing of a huge milestone!