Bangladesh comes to India’s rescue

Sunday May 2, 2021 at 3:49 pm
Masud Bin Momen, the country’s Foreign Secretary stated that Bangladesh shall send Remdesivir, an anti-viral drug used for the treatment of Covid-19 along with other medicines to India in the coming week.
On Thursday, Dhaka Tribune quoted Momen saying, “India sought Remdesivir (from us). We have taken measures to send it”. With the unprecedented spike in the number of positive cases in the country, there has been increase in the demand of drug in India.
The sudden increase in coronavirus cases has led to the increase in demand of medical oxygen, medicines and beds for the positive patients and many states are facing an acute shortage of essential medicines as well.
In the previous week, the Indian government imposed import duty on Remdesivir vials and their raw materials.
On Wednesday, the Bangladesh Foreign Ministry offered medicines for emergency usage and supplies of medical equipment for the people battling with Covid-19 in India.
The medical equipment supplies include nearly 10,000 injectable anti-viral vials, oral anti-viral, 30,000 PPE kits and numerous zinc, calcium, vitamin C and other tablets that are necessary.
In relation to the risk incurred with the Indian triple mutant Covid-19 variant affecting Bangladesh, the foreign secretary is of the opinion, “The situation in the country will be manageable if the infection rate goes down”.
On April 25, Bangladesh with India had shut down its border for a period of two weeks in order to curb the spread of this fatal infection.