Aarogya Setu app to show your vaccine status

Wednesday May 5, 2021 at 3:10 pm
Very soon, the Aaarogya Setu contact tracing app might help you in tracing the status of your vaccine.
The government is trying to develop a feature where a blue tick shall appear against the names of the people who have got the first dose of the vaccine. If both the doses are complete, then double blue ticks shall appear against their names.
The government officials engaged in such a development reported to ET that the people shall avail of such a feature in the next couple of weeks.
An official stated, “It will help people while taking flights or during other travel; they can quickly show their vaccination status instead of having to pull out the vaccination certificate each time”.
The person further said that it would help the employees to get back to their respective service once things ease out.
The government is uncertain on whether the contact tracing of the fully vaccinated people should be discontinued or not as its unnecessary to track a person’s location and other details continuously.
The official exclaimed, “Bit it is a policy call and will be taken in some time”.
In the meantime, in order to help people book their slots through CoWin, the government is trying to improve the features of this vaccination platform.
The option of adding the third vaccine at the CoWin platform is functional.
In the earlier phase of this week, the first batch of Sputnik V vaccine has already arrived.
The official hopes to offer the vaccine within a week.
The CoWin platform received more than 51.1 million registration from the ones above the age of 18 years until Tuesday evening.
In the midst of the second strain, vaccination for the adults were available from May 1.
There are very few centres providing vaccination to the ones aged above 18 years. Other centres have the vaccines but can provide it to only the ones above 45 years of age.
There is a decrease in the number of vaccination – from 4.5 million doses on April 5 to 3 million on April 26 and from 2.4 million on April 30 to 1.6 million on May 4 until 7.30 pm.
As of now, the country has given 157.6 million vaccines.
For the third phase, you are bound to have a prior registration and appointment on the CoWin app.
The official stated that walk-ins are not permitted now in order to make sure that the vaccination centres remain free from the crowd and not become ‘super-spreaders’.