Indian Foods that last long time without refrigerator

Wednesday February 16, 2022 at 1:23 pm

It is common for food things to go bad in a short period, and it is only when you attempt to use them in a recipe that you learn that they are no longer edible. Vegetables, fruits, and dairy products such as milk and curd, if not kept correctly, may get stale in a matter of hours or even minutes. Therefore, there are Indian foods that last a long time without a refrigerator or any preservative. This is a major difficulty for those who live alone, far away from their family, and work relentlessly day in and day out, seven days a week.

Consider the following scenario: you pick up something to eat or use in a dish after a stressful and long day at work and find that it has gone bad. What a painful sensation that must have been at the moment! There are a variety of food products that have a longer life and may be stored and consumed over an extended period. Their storage in a certain way and under specific temperature settings does not need much care on your part. Here is a glance at 8 Indian foods that last a long time without a refrigerator that you should keep in your cupboard.

Top Indian Foods That Last Long Time Without Refrigerator

Numerous foods are not fit for eating after the passage of days after their sale. In contrast, certain meals may survive for thousands of years without even being destroyed, provided they are preserved properly.

We know the most essential of these foods and their recommendations for preserving them to maintain them as long as feasible.

1. Honey 

Honey is one of the few foods that you may store for an extended period without refrigeration. As a result of the low water content in honey and the high amount of sugar in it, honey may be stored for thousands of years and still be suitable for consumption of the low water content. A high level of sugar inhibits the formation of bacteria inside it.

We recall the discovery in Egypt in 2015 of honey samples that were not rotting and whose presence had been documented for 3,000 years before that discovery.

The only change in honey is that it may become more coherent with time, which may be avoided by heating it up a little bit.

2. White Rice 

White rice is used to make recipes that you can store for a lengthy period without refrigeration. Researchers discovered that white rice could be preserved in bags or containers free of oxygen and at temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius for up to 30 years; however, brown rice only lasts for 6 months if it is stored at the same temperatures and for the same amount of time.

Rice is one of the most versatile foods available: you may eat it alone, with vegetables or beans, in soups, with meat, in sushi, and in a variety of other ways. Additionally, you may use it to assist in preventing water damage to your electrical devices. Furthermore, rice is quite inexpensive and is often available in huge amounts.

3. Soy sauce

The amount of time that you can store soy sauce before it becomes spoiled varies from brand to brand. Still, in all instances, you may store soy sauce for an extremely long time if the package has not been opened, and even after opening, you can store it for years in the refrigerator.

4. Sucrose

Like the other products on this list, sugar may be stored for an extended period, provided it is kept in airtight containers away from moisture.

5. Dried beans are another option

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have discovered that dried beans may be used after 30 years, provided they are maintained properly. This is similar to what they found with rice.

6. Pure maple syrup 

It is believed that pure maple syrup may last indefinitely because of its capacity to prevent the formation of germs, and experts believe that if properly preserved, this drink can last indefinitely, similar to honey.

7. Milk powder 

Despite the fact that powdered milk has a less pleasant flavor than fresh milk, it is distinguished by its capacity to stay intact for extended periods and that it is simple to carry and store at home. You may include it on your list of long-term survival meals if you want to be prepared for anything.

8. White vinegar that has been distilled

Distilled white vinegar is used to provide a particular taste to salads, and you may also use it to sterilize wounds and other surfaces. White vinegar is distinguished by its capacity to remain stable for an extended period without becoming corrosive.


The best dishes to preserve for extended periods of time have little or no humidity and are not susceptible to temperature changes.

You may keep foods with greater moisture content for an extended period in many circumstances, but you must handle them with care to avoid spoilage. We hope that our list of Indian foods that last a long time without a refrigerator will help you select the food items.


Q1: How often does food remain spoiled if it is not refrigerated?

A: Per the USDA, food that has been left out of the refrigerator for more than two hours should be tossed out. Bacteria grows quite quickly at room temperature and has the potential to make you ill. When you reheat food lying at room temperature for more than two hours, you run the risk of introducing germs into the mix.

Q2: What is the maximum amount of time spaghetti can be left out?

A: Spaghetti begins to go bad after just two hours of sitting on the table at room temperature. Temperatures between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit are considered dangerously high. Even if the temperature in your kitchen or dining area is within that comfortable range, your pasta will begin to get rancid very rapidly.

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