How to use dried kokum for weight loss? Here are amazing Health Benefits

Saturday January 22, 2022 at 3:39 pm

Kokum is a tropical summer fruit with a tart acidic flavor that is best enjoyed fresh. If you look at the little round kokum fruit while it is still on the tree, it is red. When it is mature and dried, however, the color changes to a deep purple, almost blackish color. The kokum tree is endemic to India, and you may find it in large numbers throughout the Western Ghats. Kokum fruit, either fresh or dried, is often used in traditional preparations across this area, primarily as a souring ingredient in the cuisines. Cooled kokum juice is used as a refreshing and delectable summer beverage. In fact, all components of the kokum fruit, including its seeds, are very high in nutritional value and can benefit your body in a variety of ways, including increasing your body’s natural immunity.

What if I told you that this locally grown summer fruit is jam-packed with so much nutrition that it may provide you with some very beneficial health benefits? Listed here are seven health advantages of the kokum fruit, some of which you may be shocked to find out about. Read on to know how to use dried kokum for weight loss.

Health Benefits of Dried Kokum

Kokum Is Beneficial For Acid Reflux And Digestion.

For a long time, it has been recognized and recommended to eat kokum for excellent digestion and to relieve acidity attacks and indigestion-related burning feelings in the heart and stomach. According to Ayurveda, the dried kokum fruit, when turned into and drank as kokum juice, is a natural medicine for improving the digestive Agni or fire and the body’s pachan shakti or digestion.

Kokum Has the Power to Improve Your Mood

When you’re feeling down, the simple kokum fruit has a remarkable health advantage of relieving anxiety, soothing your mind, and improving your mood. The mood-enhancing hormone serotonin, which is responsible for making you feel happy and optimistic, is increased in your body when you consume kokum. Increased serotonin levels promote brain activity, which helps to alleviate stressful and unpleasant thoughts and moods.

Kokum Can Help With Cuts, Wounds, And Swelling

Kokum has been demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects in studies. The presence of specific phenolic chemicals in the kokum fruit accounts for this. As a result, Ayurveda prescribes kokum for a variety of ailments. Applying kokum on allergic sores, swelling, cracks, wounds, or even a burn injury is supposed to help soothe and reduce inflammation.

Kokum Can Assist With Weight Loss

If you’re having trouble managing your weight while following the prescribed exercises and diets, try kokum. This locally cultivated fruit’s peel is high in hydroxycitric acid, a substance that may aid weight loss naturally. You may inquire as to how. In fact, it aids in the oxidation of excess fat and generates a sensation of fullness, so you don’t feel hungry and eat less. Furthermore, kokum has no fat and nearly no calories. As a result, it’s ideal for assisting you in achieving your weight-loss objectives.

People with diabetes Can Benefit From Kokum

If you have been identified as borderline diabetic, including kokum in your diet might be quite beneficial because it includes antioxidant and anti-diabetic qualities, and kokum aids in blood sugar management. As a result, it may help to restore specific enzymes in the body that are lost in people with type 2 diabetes. The minerals and chemicals in kokum also assist in increasing metabolism, which implies improved digestion and insulin function, all of which are necessary for controlling blood glucose and diabetes.

Kokum is a nutrient-dense plant.

The kokum fruit is a nutrient-dense powerhouse. Vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin C, and minerals including calcium, iron, manganese, potassium, and zinc are all found in abundance in kokum. Folic acid, ascorbic acid, acetic acid, hydroxycitric acid, and fiber are all present in significant amounts. So this simple fruit is highly nutritious to preserve you in generally excellent health, from increasing your immune to assisting with weight reduction and much more.

Kokum Is A Refreshing And Hydrating Herb

Kokum is a summer fruit, and kokum sherbet is one of the greatest natural beverages for preventing dehydration and heatstroke in the summer. This is due to kokum’s capacity to calm down your whole system, which is one of its most important health advantages. Kokum sherbet is a vivid crimson sherbet with cooling effects. Even in the hottest summer days, it rapidly refreshes and replaces lost bodily fluids, leaving you energized and active.

Regular exercise and a naturally well-balanced diet rich in locally produced seasonal fruits and vegetables are essential for maintaining your fitness and health in the short and long term.

How to use dried kokum for weight loss in different recipes

In a curry

Kokum is a fantastic method to add sourness to dals and curries. Simply soak them in lukewarm water for a few minutes before using the pulp. You may add it straight to your curries, which will give them a sour-tangy flavor as well as the correct color. You may also utilize kokum powder, which is easily accessible on the market, for this purpose.

kokum Detox Sharbat 

Summer is coming, and with it comes the desire to savor cool sharbat. Not only will kokum sharbat chill you down, but it will also cleanse your body. Remove the seeds from some kokum by soaking them in water. After soaking for 1-2 hours, drain the water and thoroughly mash the potatoes. In a skillet, toast some cumin seeds with some rock salt. Cook a tablespoon of sugar and kokum pulp Cook for 3–4 minutes, or until the sugar has completely dissolved. Please remove it from the heat and set it aside to cool. This paste may be stored in a container and kept refrigerated. By just adding cooled water to this paste, you may create kokum sharbat whenever you want.


The question, ‘how to use dried kokum for weight loss?’ is finally answered. In order to get the advantages of kokum, you may either drink a glass of water combined with the powder or soak a complete kokum in water overnight before extracting the juice and drinking it. It may also be kept refrigerated for many days.


Q: When should kokum juice be consumed for weight loss?

A: This south Indian flavor enhancer will help you lose weight faster. Soak the kokum in water overnight and then boil the next morning.

Q: Is it possible to consume kokum right away?

A: Dried Kokum fruit has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine to aid digestion and relieve the burning feeling produced by acidity in the stomach. After meals, this dried Kokum fruit is commonly prepared into a drink and drunk to both prevent and alleviate acidity (or acid reflux).

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