Zenfold Ventures takes equity stake in Esperer Onco Nutrition

Thursday April 16, 2020 at 11:36 am

Mumbai, April 15, 2020: Esperer Onco Nutrition Pvt Ltd (EON), a pioneer in bringing a comprehensive nutritional portfolio to oncology, announced a significant amount of fund-raising from Zenfold Ventures.

Talking about the stake sale Mr. Raktim Chattopadhyay, Founder & CEO Esperer Onco Nutrition Pvt Ltd said, “Onco-nutrition is one of the critical complementary therapy for cancer patients. EON has several patentable products that are used to bring optimal efficacy to the main therapy by complementing it with nutrition to add better quality of health and life. Esperer Nutri-therapies provide the much-needed body strength for onco-patients to overcome the side effect of primary treatment providing better outcomes for onco-patients. We are thrilled to have Zenfold Ventures as a strategic investor in EON, and this infusion will help us reach more cancer patients in a shorter time.”

Explaining the rationale behind the investment, Mr. Arun Dubey Managing Partner at Zenfold Ventures said “Zenfold’s investment & partnership outlook is sector and stage agnostic. At present some of the ventures we are building, are in the space of Nutraceuticals. We believe EON has a very scientifically-backed approach to nutrition and has strong capabilities to execute the vision.”

“We plan to use the latest funds to expand our reach to the US and European markets and also to build a world-class talent pool”, added Mr. Chattopadhyay. Esperer nutrition has already expanded its team of experts in scientific and R& D departments and will also be adding key people in finance and marketing and supply chain.

The strategy of EON is based on clinical validations of nutraceutical elements which are used for both onco-management and prevention. Over the next two years EON plans to have more tehnical collaborations with international technical authorities to expand its research and product portfolio.

Mr. Chattopadhyay explained, “EON takes responsible nutrition very seriously and studies it with respect to the science of biochemistry. With the scientific platform in place, the discovery of a modified nutraceutical portfolio has been developed to suit different conditions of patients undergoing chemo. Esperer nutrition takes pride in having developed the world’s first condition-specific nutrition for oncology to impact quality health outcome.”

About EON

Esperer Nutrition strives to champion the role of nutritional therapies that have proven clinical & health economic value, & improve the quality of people’s lives. EON is destined to understand, treat & help prevent a range of medical conditions by leveraging nutrition and life sciences.

The Company  aims to address specific health conditions with special emphasis on Onco Nutrition &  intends to provide a 360-degree solution to global cancer portfolio right from Preventive Oncology to Cancer Disease Management using Nutraceutical as a complementary therapy to stage & region specific cancer patients.

EON aspires to become a global pioneer,  considering Drug-Nutrient  Interaction as a major factor in chronic disease management.

About Zenfold Ventures

Zenfold is a strategic investment and venture builder fund. Their primary goal is to fund and build global ventures in high growth areas. Zenfold invests to incubate new ventures, grow early-stage companies and form joint ventures.

Find more information at : www.esperernutrition.com or write to info@esperernutrition.com

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