Pharmacy apps from where you can order medicines during Lockdown

Thursday April 16, 2020 at 11:43 am

The government of India has ordered pharmacy apps to deliver the medication at the doorsteps. The central government has taken this step for 21 days Lockdown to stop the effect of Corona Virus in India. 

Notification by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

The Ministry included that regulation and distribution of medicines should not stop. People should receive their medications on-time at their doorsteps without facing any major problem. There is no need to get out because every app will provide medicines at home. The digital apps have to deliver drugs to customers in every emergency period necessarily. 

All the doorstep medicines come under the Schedule H category, which means that people can purchase medicine from digital pharmacy apps by showing prescription with the qualified doctor’s marks. The sale and regulation of every drug should get recorded with the order of that medicine by the apps. Then they can efficiently deliver the medication to their verified customers.

Some of the medication apps for doorstep facility

Practo: It is one of the popular Pharmacy apps that have proper doctor appointment booking options. You can easily order around 40000 pills from Practo during lockdown procedure. The Practo has properly managed with the nearest pharmacy stores that help in delivering medicines at doorsteps. 

1mg: The 1mg is a top-rated digital pharmacy app that helps in buying medicines online. You can easily upload prescription and other information your regular phone camera. Thus, it has attracted various customers, and it also helps in delivering medicines in major cities such as Bangalore, Indore, Lucknow, Agra, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Delhi in Lockdown. 

NetMeds: You can smoothly order pills from NetMeds during Lockdown because it is providing medicine delivery facilities all over India. You can have a 15 percent discount on every medicine by using a simple app. 

BookMeds: You can entirely choose various medicines such as surgical products, hospital equipment, medical gadgets, fitness products, protein supplements, pills, and other products from BookMeds during the Lockdown. You have to upload proper prescription and personal information on the BookMeds to receive pills at home. You can access medicines from android as well as IOS phones quickly, and you can easily have medicines in four hours at doorsteps in Lockdown. 

PharmEasy: It is one of the leading pharmacy digital apps in India that helps in providing many health products and pills in twenty-four hours. Even in the Lockdown, you can book health check-ups at home, and along with all the orders, you receive 20 percent off. The app is offering around 70 percent off on health check-ups, and you get packages without as extra charges. 

Chemist: The app promises to offer the best medication facility in Lockdown with amazing discounts. You have to confirm the location and other information before placing the order. Then you receive proper doctor’s call, and then your medicine gets delivered at doorsteps. 

The Lockdown has stopped the working of the market, and people are not able to receive things from the market. However, the government has solved every problem of the people, and every person can receive medicines at their doorsteps. It is necessary to take precautions because CoronaVirus has spread a lot, and many people have lost their lives because of CoronaVirus. Thus, you can smoothly order your medicines from the above apps at any time, and you will surely receive medication through these digital apps on-time.

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