Tobacco : Ways to keep teenagers away from it

Thursday May 21, 2020 at 10:40 am

Tobacco is one of the most dangerous things that can lead to life-threatening diseases. Most of the smokers started smoking at their teenagers to act cool with their friends and end up getting addicted. So today, we are going to discuss how you can keep your kids away from tobacco. Some ways to keep teens away are:

  • Become a role model

In most cases, a child learns how to smoke by watching their parents. So if you are a heavy smoker and smoke every day when you are in your house, the child might think this is cool, and if my parents have no problem doing that, I can do that too.

So in that, it’s your responsibility to become a good role model for your child. Stop smoking at your house, tell your child how much you regret smoking, and teach him how harmful it can get for a person if he/she doesn’t stop smoking.

  • Talk to your child

One of the reasons most kids start to smoke is because they want to become free. Most parents try to control a child’s life, which leads the child to go into rebellion mode. Then most of the teenagers try to smoke and drink to feel independent and mature. So if you see your child acting that way or smelling like tobacco, make sure to talk to him and ask why he is smoking weed.

  • Stop him from harmless tobacco.

Most of the time, teenagers start by smoking vape, electronic cigarettes, water pipes, clove cigarettes, etc. to act cool and mature with their friends. So tell them how even those things can be harmful in a certain way, and by using all those things, your habit can escalate to smoking and also taking drugs.

  • Remind them of the consequences

Teenagers don’t think about how using tobacco can affect their personal life as well. Remind them that using tobacco will leave a smell on their body, they have bad breath, clothes will smell, nails will turn yellow, etc. Tell them how using tobacco can look cool, but it will only make them distant from people in the future.

  • Make them calculate the expense.

Tell them if they save all the money that they spend on tobacco, a person can get whatever they want. You will be able to buy video games, new mobile phones, clothes, etc. This will help your child realize how much he is wasting on tobacco when he can get so many other essentials with that money.

  • Tell them how to deal with peer pressure.

When a child is going through teenage years, he or she may be using tobacco in peer pressure, just because their friend asks them to. These situations can get avoided very quickly, so you need to talk to them. If someone is close to you like your friends ask you to smoke or drink, you can always say No thanks! I don’t like to smoke or drink.

  • Talk about the future.

Tell them how much it can affect their future. Many colleges and even job interviews nowadays require a medical test before they can accept you. So if they keep using tobacco every day, they might not be able to also have a job or a family in the future. Give them examples of celebrities that had ruined their future by smoking and doing drugs.

  • Take them to a therapy center or recovery program.

When your kids start to smoke, they think even if they get addicted, nothing wrong will happen with them. Some of them also believe that they would be able to stop later at some point in time when they want. So it’s better to show them the reality of what happens with a tobacco patient when he or she gets addicted.

You can always take them to a recovery program where they will hear stories from people who are addicted to drugs, tobacco, and all kinds of things. Hearing true stories from people who have experienced that and regret the decision might open their eyes and force them to reconsider their choice to use tobacco.

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