Coconut- It’s magical health benefits and ways to eat!

Wednesday September 30, 2020 at 6:12 pm

If you believe in the power of natural ingredients, coconut is a power-packed source of energy, nutrients, and many other magical health benefits. The goodness of coconut has been passing across generations, and people still believe in its benefits. Indians especially consider coconut as an auspicious fruit and relate it to positive vibes as well. That is why they use it in every holy ritual, like buying a new home, car, or anything else!

Coconut is a fruit that belongs to the family of Cocos nucifera palm. This nut is highly utilized in Indian kitchens, and many species of it are available widely. The raw coconut has a hard green cover on it, which turns into dark brown after getting mature. It has a hard shell at the exterior and a slightly sweet white flesh inside it. Popular names of coconut are ‘Nariyal’ in Hindi, ‘Karikkin’ in Malayalam, ‘tenkay’ in Tamil and ‘Narikelera’ in Bengali. This food has many edible advantages as well as it acts amazingly on your skin and hair. Even during pregnancy times, this fruit can be an excellent option to consume. 

Benefits of consuming coconut

Although coconuts are high in saturated fats, they still do not adversely affect your health. Their basic composition has medium-chain Triglycerides that everyone consumes uniquely. As a result, they release digestive juices, which gradually turn into ketone bodies. To your surprise, coconut’s incredible effect includes a therapeutic effect on dreadful diseases like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. Lets study in detail about further goodness of this magic fruit.


  • High Fiber content- Coconut has a fantastic portion of fiber content that ranges around 61%. Hence, it releases glucose and transforms into instant energy. People having the potential threat of Diabetes can count on it as a viable option as it improves insulin secretion that manages blood sugar levels. It reduces the stress on the pancreas and develops a better enzyme system. 
  • Controls aging- Certain elements in coconut can retain your youthfulness for long as they fight with early aging signs. Kinetin, trans-zeatin, and cytokinins in coconuts are anti-carcinogenic and anti-thrombotic due to which you can have glowing skin with its regular consumption. 
  • Provides better immunity- Coconut fruit is an excellent source of immunity. It is health-friendly and anti-bacterial. Early fungal infections and viral transmissions might refrain from coconut intake. The oil extract of this fruit manages illnesses and controls infections to your urinary tract. 
  • Prevents abdominal fats- Coconut has a surprising benefit of treating abdominal cavities. Abdominal fats are stubborn, and it is quite challenging to treat them as they can also result in several other diseases. Daily consumption of coconut in specific restricted amounts can bring a significant difference in your waist size. Isn’t it a great way to get a lean body you have always dreamt of?
  • Aids in good health- Coconut is a very healthy fruit, and people consuming it daily experience a healthier lifestyle. Along with being an ancient source of dietary fibers, coconuts are also a fantastic option for shiny skin and hair. 
  • Energy booster fruit- Eating coconuts regularly also helps in fat burning. Triglycerides in this fruit help in providing you high energy and results in quick weight loss. Munching on coconut is also filling as it satiates your hunger pangs, and you tend to stay fuller for a longer time. Those on a keto diet can consider it as a part of their meals. People with Diabetes can prevent hypoglycemia and stay energetic for a longer time with this superfood intake. If you frequently suffer through chronic fatigue or have thyroid for long, eat coconut in your meals, and benefit from its superb effects. 
  • Fights with cancer- Coconut can offer you anti-cancer properties that are specifically beneficial for breast and colon cancer. 
  • Stay hydrated- Are you fond of coconut water? It tastes neutral but can impart excellent benefits for good physical health. If you are suffering from de-hydration problems or recently admitted to the hospital, coconut water intake can work miraculously. Few immensely wonderful benefits of coconut water are it purifies your digestive tract and is positively loaded with good nutritional value. 
  • Higher nutritional value than milk- How can something be a healthier alternative than milk? You might have heard many that many doctors recommend coconut milk for children as it contains a high amount of lauric acid that is evident in mother’s milk. Now you can determine the fantastic advantages of this fruit. No one can doubt the purity of coconut milk as it permeates from the filtering husk. Coconut water contains the natural isotonic element that is also present in your blood.
  • Treats urinary tract infection- Do you know that most doctors suggest your regular coconut water intake to cure urinary infections? It purifies your system and enhances the urine flow, which aids in getting rid of such infections. For mild urine infections, you might even not need any medications if you consume coconut water frequently. 
  • Promotes good cholesterol- Coconut health is divine, and promoting good cholesterol is another benefit that reduces risks of potential heart diseases. The amount of saturated fats in coconut increases the good cholesterol level and controls the LDL and its subtype. As a result, many people who eat coconut in various forms are prone to have a healthy heart.


Other benefits of coconut are as listed below:

  • Controls heartburn and acidity
  • Very good for pregnant women
  • Anti-Bacterial

What are the various forms of eating coconut?

  • Coconut oil- Although many people are not so fond of smell generated with coconut cooking oil, many people prefer it considering the health benefits. It is better to opt for virgin coconut oil from any of your nearby grocery stores. You need to store it in a dry and cool place. 
  • Coconut Milk- Depending on your dietary goals, you can pick among various coconut milk options, such as full-fat or reduced-fat. If you are buying packaged coconut milk, ensure that there are no preservatives or other ingredients in it. It is an excellent option for kids as coconut milk has a natural sweetener, eliminating the need for added sugar. Preferably, you should buy them in tetra packs and refrigerate when necessary.
  • Coconut Water- If you want to consume a nutritious and no-calorie beverage, coconut water is an ideal option. Buy it and drink fresh for the best results. 
  • Coconut Flour- It is found at fewer grocery stores, but you might spot coconut flour at big supermarkets or even get them online. Mix it in a moderate amount with your wheat or multigrain flour to derive the best results. Store it in a cool place. 

Ways to eat coconut at home

  • Coconut flour is a good option for baking as you can replace 20% of your flour with this in any recipe. 
  • Coconut oil has high-fat amounts and can replace butter for a healthier meal. 
  • Cooking oil is the most crucial replacement that you must make for a healthy version of yourself. When you replace the regular cooking oil with the coconut oil, it aids your health by cutting off your food’s harmful cholesterol levels. However, you have to choose between the virgin and refined options as per your taste preferences. For tasteful curry and fried items, switch to virgin coconut oil, and the unrefined one will impart some neutral flavors.
  • Prepare your favorite cup of brew with good quality coconut milk. 
  • Kids can enjoy the natural flavors of this sweetened coconut milk.  

Popular uses of coconut for hair and skin

  • Apply in hair to nourish their roots and strengthen the bonds.
  • The application of coconut oil in the skin helps in reducing skin dryness. 
  • Pamper your nail cuticles and get an at-home manicure with a warm oil massage on it. 
  • Apply on your skin and use tissues for makeup removal. 
  • An excellent option for massage of newborn babies as it strengthens their muscles and bones. 

Final words

Coconut is a fantastic source of minerals, sugars, catalase, peroxidize, and several other nutrients. It is full of goodness, may it be saturated fats or natural oils. No one can doubt the profound health benefits which this magic fruit imparts to people. If you have not yet tried the various forms of India’s favorite delight, it is a must-try fruit for everyone. Those who have been relishing its flavors and witnessed its excellent health benefits since years already are a fan of it.

You cannot miss the combined benefits this fruit has on your skin, hair, and health. It is probably amongst the very few foods that are a rich source of so many vital nutrients. Any health problem can quickly fade away once you incorporate this fruit into your diet. Excellent, fresh, flavorful, and healthy are the only terms that could define coconut’s absolute excellence!

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