Ask 5 Questions before you plan to socialize again!

Sunday September 20, 2020 at 6:05 pm

I often worry about the thought of socializing again after such a long break due to the COVID-19 scenario. One of my friends asked yesterday if she can send her son to my place for playtime, and I fumbled whether I should agree or not. My 6-year-old son is too small to maintain social distancing and how I trust if the other family is following the same precautions as we do? 

Not just me, many other moms are undergoing the same confusion of is it a good time to try getting normal or not! Well, there are mixed reactions of people all across, and there are many questions that you need to raise to yourself for determining the answers. Some amount of risk is still there, and until there is a full-fledge vaccination not available everywhere, people will stay apprehensive about the whole thing. COVID-19 outbreak has shattered people’s minds and life routine globally, and no one is sure when are the things going to get back on track. 

When your kid sees other kids play outside, they are bound to develop a feeling of joining them when haunting thoughts keep running across your mind. Is it safe to allow my kid social exposure? What are the risk factors associated with it? Ultimately, there is a dark room that might not be harmful, but getting in is a subjective matter. Some would prefer getting in and converting the darkness into a ray of hope, while others might prefer not to invade. What’s your take on it?

How to determine if it is safe to socialize for kids?

Age and immunity are the two significant factors that COVID-19 disease hits at! The risk for a 30-year-old youth, a 7-year-old kid, and a 75-year-old parent varies differently. It is a big question of what kind and level of risk you are ready to take! The danger of COVID disease largely depends on your choices, preferences, and the precautionary measures you and your entire friend circle take up. I don’t think I would allow my 60-year-old mom to attend kitty parties, at least for now. 

Coronavirus is an uninvited guest, and any loop you leave for it to enter is never left by it. Although all kids reside at houses, many parents are moving out for work or other essential purposes. The level of social distancing, sanitization, and wearing the mask they follow is a crucial factor that affects your choices. What if the other parents do not disclose their exposure to public gatherings while you are allowing your kids to visit them?

Most people are suffering from anxiety and depression due to loneliness in this COVID-19 scenario. But how many of you have seen the behavioral changes in kids that monotonous lifestyle has made in them? Cravings to meet their friends and outdoor playtime, followed by long gossip about school sessions, are something every kid misses. Some are expressive while some keep it to themselves that believe me, that’s more dangerous! 

Let’s try out a way to solve this problem and arrive at some decision. May it be my kid or me, I have to analyze and play a quest to decide whether to socialize and if yes, how! Assessment of risk and precautionary measures for my little munchkin is my priority, and I am sure yours. 

5 Questions to ask before you or your kid start social interactions

Q. Is it an inside gathering or the outside one?

You might be well-aware that COVID-19 spread via respiratory droplets and can easily contaminate the receiver. It is a contagious disease that can travel through the air, so the concept of social distancing is followed throughout the world. When you socialize in the open, there are fewer retention or virus droplets in the atmosphere, but it is always a better idea to maintain a safe distance. 

Q. Will everyone is wearing masks

As per the WHO guidelines, the appropriate wearing of masks can be an extreme precautionary measure against COVID-19. It makes sense to an extent as you can safeguard yourself against the risk of infection that spreads through laughing, talking, coughing, or sneezing. Maintaining a 6 feet distance with proper masks can protect you and your kid. While kids indulge in social gatherings, keep a mild sanitizer bottle handy to ensure that they do not touch any surfaces and then touch their mouths. 

Q. What should be the maximum count of people for a social gathering?

If you have a larger gathering of people at a specific place, higher is the risk of getting prone to infection. Many health organizations recommend that not more than 9 people must gather in the area of 1000 square feet while 25 people if there is a big open lawn or terrace. But this is just a suggestive number. Refer to the local state and country regulations to determine the precise figures. 

Q. For how long can I Expose my kids to socializing?

It is a crucial factor to avoid the COVID-19 threat while socializing outside. Playdates are too much fun, and after such a huge gap, kids are super excited to mingle with their friends. But being a responsible parent, set a time limit for interactions with other kids so that the time of exposure reduces. I am sure many smart parents would set a small time limit so that their kids can get change without much fear of virus transmission. Socialize with families you have trust on. 

Q. Are the people around you maintaining appropriate hygiene and sanitization norms?

COVID virus has many ways of entering your lives, and you need to stretch a barrier against all of them. While you are only allowing your kids to meet 3 or 4 children at a time, you probably have no idea of how long many other people they have come in contact with. Consider people or families trustworthy, and you can comfortably spend time with them along with your kids. 

Final words

Remember, every person has a different perception of COVID-19 and its effect and hazards. Hence, reaction and precautionary measures are also dependent on multiple factors. Your risk assessment and choices decide whether you are ready for socializing, and if yes, how much. Although kids’ boredom is a major deciding factor, nevertheless, we have all the technology leverage like Zoom calls and online games to bring smiles on their faces!

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