Friday October 4, 2019 at 10:12 am

The homeopathic system of medicine has a set of rules, mostly founded upon natures’ laws, to guide each physician to get the best possible results in each case. Homeopathy is a medical system based on the belief that the body can cure itself, Homeopathy merely depends upon the basis of Principles of science and art, it believes the law to cure each disease permanently is the “law of minimum dose”. The practitioners use a small amount of natural material like plants and minerals. They believe that it revives the healing process. The article details the Homeopathy and its contribution

The Homeopathics, the science and art of homeopathy, asserts that a system of medicine must have some principles to be followed without whose practical guidelines nobody can get the best possible help needed.

Homeopathic medicines are all well scientifically proved and tested on healthy human beings. But right from the rudiment of this science, homeopathy has faced emphatic antagonism from other traditional medical community. The Homeopathy industry faced this malicious outlook because it came up with a distinct philosophy of science and medicine. The homeopathy treatment has a lesser side effect and a milder form of treatment, this became popular reducing the influence of standard medicine.

Despite the criticism from other medical communities, homeopathy strives throughout the centuries only because of its attributes that were convenient for the general populace. During large epidemics, this method of treatment always performed better than the standard ones.

Globally, over 200 million people use homeopathy on regular basis homeopathy is currently used in over 80 to 85 countries under the national regulatory framework. Homeopathy is the second largest system used in India and around the globe. According to the HRI research report, India leads in terms of the number of people using homeopathy, where 100 million people depending solely on homeopathy for their medical condition. In India currently, there are more than 200,000 registered Homeopathic Doctors, with nearly 12000 more being added every year.


According to the recent (CIFLICOL) scientific clinical research project in Homeopathic medicine,

  • High homeopath dilutions are reported to be effective both in humans and animals.
  • Clinical studies on asthma, allergies and other respiratory pathologies yielded the best results; and
  • Classic homeopathy requires a more specific trial methodology.
  • Homeopathy is coherent to health- disease hemodynamics