All one needs to know about 24-hour fasting.

Wednesday April 27, 2022 at 9:18 am

Several cultures worldwide have had a tradition of fasting for centuries. It was a common tradition in India more than 3000 years ago. And it continues to be very prevalent to this day; There are excellent reasons too for the same as the practice of 24 hours fasting can benefit an individual in several ways. This article explores the incredible benefits of fasting for 24 hours.

As the name suggests, twenty-four hours of fasting is not eating food (and sometimes not drinking water) for up to 24 hours. Thus after eating a meal, one will take the next meal the next day.

Fasting so long may appear to cause health risks such as those caused by starvation to the uninitiated. The fact is that the human body can easily fast for 24 hours with ease and even be benefited from the same. The following are some of the essential health benefits of fasting:

1. It can help in losing weight.

One of the key benefits of fasting for 24 hours is that it can help the body burn its fats. That is in addition to the fact that the overall weekly calory consumption will be reduced by one-seventh, thus making one lose weight. Please note that the best of this benefit is only applicable if the fasting person can also open the fast properly (see FAQs below).

2. It can help muscle growth.

Another essential benefit of f24 hours fasting is that it is known to encourage the creation of growth hormone in the body, which has several functions, including aiding in muscle development.

3. It can help one live longer.

Several studies have shown that people who fast tend to live longer. That may be due to the other health benefits of 24 hours of fasting, which ensures that one keeps good health for a longer time.

4. It can help avoid cardiovascular diseases.

As noted above, fasting for 24 hours once a week will turn fats into energy. This will reduce the cholesterol level in the body and reduce the stress on the heart and blood vessels, making it easy to avoid cardiovascular diseases and problems.

5. Fasting can help increase brain activity.

Another excellent benefit of fasting suggested by some studies is that 24-hour fasting may increase brain activity. The reasons for the same are not clear, but it has been argued that people who exercise this kind of fasting may be more alert on average than others.

6. It can help avoid diabetes.

Last but not least, our list of excellent health benefits of 24 hours of fasting is that it can help one avoid diabetes by reducing the intake of calories in the body.

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There are several questions associated with 24 hours fasting; some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) are

Question: What happens when one doesn’t eat food?

Answer: Initially body will consume carbohydrates from the last meal. This usually takes nearly eight hours for an average adult in good health before all the glucose contained in the body is exhausted. After this body uses other compounds to make its glucose, it begins with amino acids and fats. It is when the human body enters this stage that fasting begins.

Question: What happens if I go on fasting longer than 24 hours?

Answer: One can long for more than 24 hours but not too long. As mentioned above, first, the body consumes glucose and then non-sugar compounds to create energy. In a normal human being, they may take a few days to finish. After that, the body will enter starvation mode. Starvation mode is when the body starts turning its muscle into energy.

Question: How should I end my fast?

Answer: It is imprudent to rush to food directly at the end of a fast. The reader may observe the following tips in this regard:

  1. Drink lots of water before eating anything to ensure that the body is sufficiently hydrated. Water can satiate hunger and help the digestive system restart things.
  2. Start with a small meal. It is understandable if one is hungry at the end of a 24-hour shock. However, it is hardly wise to shock the digestive system with a big meal after it has just rested for 24 hours.
  3. Chew the food well. It is always wise to chew the food well. It is double essential as the digestive system can use all the help it can get as it restarts itself. It is not wise to put the whole plate of food in one’s mouth at once.
  4. Food should be well-cooked, and this won’t be a good time to start the new food.

Question: What are some of the tips for fasting for 24 hours?

Answer: The following tips may come in handy for the reader who is trying 24 hour fasting for the first time:

  1. Start the fast at dinner so that one can still sleep while still with a full plate and won’t feel the worst of the fast till the evening next day when one does not have any work pressure.
  2. It doesn’t have to be a hard and fast rule; to begin with, 24 hours. One can start with 12 or 16 hours and slowly increase the fasting time.
  3. It is recommended that 24 hours of fasting be done only once a day.

Question: Who should avoid 24 hours of fasting?

Answer: The following is a list of people who should avoid f24 hours of fasting:

  • People with any diabetes.
  • People who are currently on any medication
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers
  • People with eating disorders or with a history of eating disorders.
  • Children, adolescents, and older adults.

Question: What are some preventive measures for someone fasting for 24 hours?

Answer: While 24-hour fasting will suit most people. The reader must consider the following notes of caution:

  1. One should consult one’s physician before undertaking 24 hours of fasting.
  2. One should undertake the measures mentioned above before opening a fast.
  3. The above discussion must be considered general, and many readers may not enjoy all the benefits discussed above.

Wrapping up

Wrapping up the above discussion, one can conclude that fasting for 24 hours is full of incredible health benefits. It is hoped that readers will try this practice.

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