The fatal coronavirus giving birth to a new cause of worry

Wednesday April 7, 2021 at 12:04 pm

Rajkot: In the midst of the pandemic, doctors in Rajkot have observed a sharp increase in the symptoms of young Covid survivors. People aged below 40 years and are suffering from this fatal virus to prone to develop pneumonia.

As per Pulmonologists, this is really a serious cause of worry and in the previous week, nearly 25% of the patients have been suffering from this lung infection.

A pulmonologist, Dr. Milan Bhanderi stated, “Earlier, Covid symptoms were not very severe in young patients but I am shocked to see many below 40 years contracting pneumonia after testing positive. In many cases, these patients were asymptomatic for the first few days after infection, but later hospitalization becomes a must due to breathing problems”.

As per the doctors, such a situation is making it very difficult for them to predict in terms of severity as they have to be dependent only on the blood tests for moving further with the treatment. If the doctors wait for the patient’s condition to improve after their test report comes normal, then the condition might worsen all of a sudden because of non-synchronization of CRP and D-dimer with the condition of the lungs.

In the earlier times, there would be a change in the CRP and D-dimer levels according to the changes in the condition of the lungs, but now there is been no spike in these parameters.

A critical care specialist, Dr. Jayesh Dobariya concluded, “We are seeing more severity among young patients in the current wave. Covid is affecting both the lungs and patients are suffering from extreme weakness due to less oxygen”.