Major Deductions in the Cost of Cancer Related Medicines for Cancer Patients

Wednesday October 27, 2021 at 3:00 pm

Pharma and healthcare sector of India is constantly heading a level up with their blazing advancements and introduction of cost-effective schemes for the users. A recent announcement by the government has brought a smile to the faces of people dealing with dreadful cancer disease. People hailed the Modi Government with applauds as the decision to reduce the cost of cancer medicines came up.
Poor and needy people availed terrific benefits as the cancer drug manufacturing companies introduced CSR activities for meaningful treatment of the cancer patients. As per the decision slated down by Dr. Nalan Joshi, the Managing Director in RUJ Hospitals, it was evident that there will be a significant relief for the cancer patients who are slogging with the ailment and the pricey treatment to get cured against it.

New Steps to Manage CSR Activities for the Cancer Patients

The government is undertaking a host of new steps to cut down the monopoly of international organizations and entities. Until down, there has been a vague rise in the prices of drugs and medications provided for cancer patients.
NPPA is providing additional benefits in terms of drugs for the people of India. The government is also coming up with initiatives to cut down the cost of medications for the people of India. With this, the poor and needy people would be able to prevail better cancer-related treatment henceforth.
New implementations would also indigenize the breaking the monopoly chain when it comes to the treatment of Cancer at various stages. Further, there would also be tax rebates and allowances given to the organizations dealing with CSR activities in relation to cancer patients.
As per the stats, patients dealing with the dreadful Cancer have to face numerous financial challenges due to their disability to afford costly drugs. Most of the deaths also result due to this issue primarily.

Dr. Nalin Joshi Requests a Uniform National Policy for the Cancer Regulation

Many states in India and worldwide diversify their healthcare portfolio by making treatments affordable for people of all classes and creeds. With a single Cancer-related policy, the tobacco companies would also be asked to develop CSR activities that help inefficient management of cancer disease.
While being in sync with the RUJ Hospitals, the CEO and Chairman of Healthcare Global Enterprises, Dr. BS Ajay Kumar, quoted “, “The Government’s move to provide relief to cancer patients regarding treatment costs is welcome. But while it may appear to benefit the patients momentarily, it will be detrimental to them in the long run.”
He further raised the significance of providing cashless treatments to the patients and stretched in implementing universal healthcare for diverse society sections. Whether someone is rich or poor, offering a good quality healthcare routine is imperative for everyone.
Even the government needs to work on improvising the per capita income of the people as it is fairly not possible to manage the per capita income of the country’s citizens. Few wealthy people cannot standardize the treatment regime for everyone.

Overall Glance at the CSR Activities on Cancer Related Drugs

It is essential to assess the overall income distribution and the purchasing power in the hands of the people. With this, they could avail better access to the market products, and there would be the acquisition of the right pricing. Above all, patients who need quality and timely treatment can also avail themselves accordingly.
Overall betterment of pricing of these drugs can result in positive outcomes, higher safety of patients, and coming up with better feedbacks. India could soon lead the research and development bilateral and reach new heights in the medical zone.