Covid-19 vaccines to cost Rs700-1,000 per dose

Wednesday April 21, 2021 at 3:39 pm
In the later part of the year, when the companies shall start to roll out the vaccines in the private market, the price may be around Rs700-1,000. The price that is fixed is much higher than the price that the government has mandated – Rs250 per dose.
The CEO of Serum Institute, Adar Poonawalla has reported to TOI in an interview that the cost of Covishield shall be nearly Rs1,000 per dose in the private market. Dr Reddy’s, who shall import Spunik V from Russia shall price the vaccine dose below Rs 750, expectedly. But such a decision is yet to get finalised.
When contacted with the companies, they stated that the prices of the vaccine is waiting to get finalised as there are numerous dynamics at work. The prices are totally dependent on the quantity that they can sell in the private market, export issues and supply chain considerations.
They are also waiting for the Centre’s clarification on the fixation of the price of the vaccine that are made compulsory for the state.
A player which is waiting for its entry into the market stated, “The government procurement price (around Rs 150 per dose) is unrealistically low. We will work out a sustainable price, keeping in mind the quantity for the private market, and those which are earmarked for state governments. We have to bear in mind that the technology platforms, cell lines and equipment of each company vary, and there is also a dependence on imported raw materials (for some companies), so prices will differ”.
There shall be pressure on the companies to produce better revenue and reasonable profits as there has been substantial investment in terms of capital both through private sales and exports. The case shall be different if the vaccine is manufactured overseas and is imported