A fall in Covid-19 cases in the capital city after a couple of months

Monday May 24, 2021 at 11:37 am
On Sunday, Delhi recorded 1,649 new positive cases. To add a note of positivity, the rate of active cases fell down below 2.5% for the first time in 56 days. In spite of the huge number of mortalities, the number remained below the 200-mark on Sunday for the second time at a stretch. There were only 189 people who succumbed to the infection.
Before the unexpected rise in the number of cases, Delhi had 992 more cases to the total positive number on March 30, thus bringing the positivity rate to 2.7%.
On Sunday, Delhi saw 68,043 fresh active cases that includes 46,745 RT-PCR, with a rate of positivity of 2.42%, the lowest number since March 28. On that day, Delhi registered 1,881 new cases, having a positivity rate of 2.35%. Such a massive fall in the number of positive cases comes after a month when the capital city recorded the highest cases ever on April 22 (36.24%).
“…the infection rate has reduced rapidly. In April, 28,000 cases were recorded on a particular day. In the past 24 hours, 1,600 cases have been recorded. …I will not say that we have won the battle. There is still a lot left to be won. But now it seems that we are gaining control over the situation, chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal quoted.
In the past 24 hours, the 189 death cases took the number to 23,202 and the rate to 1.64%. In the month of May, more than 7,000 people got affected and there were more than 12,000 mortalities since April 1. 5,158 people recovered in the past 24 hours and the number of positive cases were 27,601 on Sunday. There was a 72.3% fall from 99,725 on April 28.
15,844 people are in home isolation and 15,844 are hospitalized at the current moment. This is for the first time since April 14 that the occupancy for beds in Covid hospital has fallen below 10,000 in Delhi.
According to the Delhi government’s heath bulletin, among the 25,048 hospital beds, 15,388 are empty, 6,000 beds among the 6,407 in Covid care centres and 517 beds among the 606 in Covid health centres are unoccupied.
As per the Delhi government’s Corona dashboard, among the 6,945 ICU beds for Corona patients, 2,290 beds lay empty at 10 pm on Friday in the capital. Out of the total number of 2,570, 513 empty ICU beds with ventilators are also included.