Red Cross Society : Everything you should know

Friday May 8, 2020 at 10:18 am

On May 8th each year the world celebrates the World Red Cross Day, it’s celebrated on the birthday of the founder of Red Cross Society, Henry Dunant. The World Red Cross Day is also known as International Red Cross Day and the Red Crescent Movement.

The reason for Red Cross Day and Crescent Movement for humanity

The reason that this day gets celebrated is to remind everyone in the world the efforts that each person has put to help humanity surfing through wars and natural disasters. 

The society that formed during the Geneva Convention, the Red Cross, acted as a savior in a human form for many people that were suffering from disaster and helped them to rise above the tragedy and gain back the will to live their lives.

Aim of Red Cross

There was one significant and common aim from the start, and that was to help each person.  They wanted to go wherever they could to save lives and prevent people from suffering no matter wherever they were in the world.

With the purpose to protect humanity and save every life they can, the Red Cross has left an impact on over 250 million peoples’ lives till now. There were other aims that you can call it as visions as well that the Red Cross in that some of them are;

  • Lessen the impact of death and injuries caused by any natural disaster.
  • Power up the Red Cross so they can provide quick responses during the time of any emergency.
  • Provide more effort to ensure that fewer people die through illness.
  • The downfall of the public health emergency rate in the world.
  • Reinstate human dignity.

The International Committee of the Red Cross

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has an astonishing network of over 12000 staff around the world in 80 countries. As one of the keepers of the Geneva Convention, they can interfere in any country during the times of armed conflict. They have full permission to visit prisoners, initiate relief operations, and even lead endeavor during that time.

The committee has one of the biggest networks in the world, with 97 million volunteers and 300k people. They all work hard to provide food to the people, checking for diseases like Malaria, Dengue, etc. Making quick responses during emergencies, and even dismissing the international law where It’s been lacking.


Although the ICRC has achieved many achievements, here are some of them that will give you a glance at their full potential.

  • The committee has changed the impact of climate change in 16 Americans, 13 Asian, 10 European, and 18 African countries.
  • They launched a campaign with an outlay of 300 million USD in 2006 in Southern Africa.
  • They distributed 8.3 million bed bets in South Africa to save them from Malaria.
  • Penetrated a torn area in Afghanistan to provide essential supplies to children for their education.


So like we read above about The Red Cross Day and how they have left an impact on millions of lives. There is nothing but respect for these kinds of people. We all should celebrate the World Red Cross Day and appreciate the effort that they are putting to make this world a better place.

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