Thursday October 22, 2020 at 2:04 pm
All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists have Appealed to Prime Minister to utilize established supply chain for vaccine distribution through 8.50 lac Chemists of Country. Our country is passing thru challenging situations of COVID-19 Pandemic. AIOCD has written to PM that in able leadership crores of Indian citizens have successfully kept fighting against the onslaught like Pandemic during last seven months. We 8.50 lacks members of AIOCD assured Prime Minister of India during an online meeting with the undersigned President of AIOCD that our members will actively support by making medicines available without any interruption. We are proud that our members worked like worriers and maintained a smooth supply of essential medicines throughout the country in spite of threats of being infected.
President J S Shinde mentioned that we appreciate and grateful to our scientists and Pharmaceutical companies for the successful development of COVID vaccines. AIOCD bring to the notice to Prime Minister that, vaccines require an unpours line of the cold chain, right from production point to delivery/ administration of dose to a person. Here to before all kinds of vaccines have been successfully distributed by our members’ year on years. All required infrastructure is available with those of our trade members to manage an intact cold chain with experience.
General Secretary Rajiv Singhal appeal of behalf of AIOCD and requested to advise the concerned Ministry and Department to issue guidelines for use of our channel members for distribution of COVID-19 Vaccines.
AIOCD has given assurance for the best services of 8.50 lac Chemists to reach out to common citizens at the nook and corners of our Country.
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