Friday May 14, 2021 at 7:53 am

There is the constant use of words like Lockdown, Face Mask, Virus, Sanitation and filtration, since the start of pandemic! It is by now pretty clear that face masks are an ultimate shield that could protect you from the infectious viruses that created havoc globally. 

The market for Face Masks!

After a recent survey from social media marketing, it was evident that there has been a phenomenal surge in the face mask industry. The people’s changing attitude and concern are the topping factors for it. There is also a spike in the portals gaining customer attraction by offering different face masks through various channels. 

Apart from the regular face masks, a remarkable surge witnessed for the N95 Respirators. It ruined due to the vague acclamations from the counterfeit brands. Resulting from this, the pricing hiked up, and people went crazy to stock them before the next forecast on Coronavirus spread. Many developing economies suffered as the customers over there are pretty price-sensitive. This stood as a significant factor to hamper the sale of other regular face mask brands in this economy.

What is The Online Face Mask Sale Scenario?

People are getting baffled about the selection and purchase of face masks online. Even social media websites like Facebook and Amazon are blocking all sorts of ads related to masks. They are following the policy to reserve all medical-grade masks for the protection of health care workers. 

Post this, people cannot buy non-medical masks providing real protection, which are way better than the three-ply or cloth masks. Resulting of this, several face mask brands have to drop their e-commerce activities. The motive behind all this is to restrict the COVID-19 infection from reaching the human body by any means. 

Challenges for the Face Mask Industry!

A Major challenge to increase mass production of masses is the volatility of prices for the mask-related raw materials like metal and oil. Such materials are mandatory for producing bulk non-woven fabrics in the masks, such as metal strips and ear loops. 

The pricing fluctuation has paved massive trouble for the various market sectors. And had a tremendous impact on the company earnings in the economy. It has resulted in manufacturing costs that served as a significant constraint to the face mask market. 

Besides, the changes in WHO guidelines about the ideal face masks also led to confusion in the manufacturers. The genuine and protective face mask standards made it complicated to determine the type of mask production, which led to a big mess. 

In June 2020, WHO suggested that healthy people should wear the 3-layer masks with a non-woven filter in the middle. The purpose of this guidance for the Global community was to spread awareness about wearing a barrier against the COVID virus. Countries such as South Asia and India, having highly polluted air quality, got infected despite the strict guidelines regarding face masks. 

For some countries, the face mask guidelines remained incomplete and went short. It was also due to the people wearing ill-fitted cloth masks and breath in the highly polluted air in October- March. 

Moving on to the face mask leaders globally, there is no mainly established brand serving the mask industry. Several mask companies need to enforce innovative strategies. And come up with exemplary face mask products. It is as per the changing waves of the COVID-19. 

It is again a huge challenge to stay updated on the quality and quantity of sale catering to the global requirements for such mask. Most doctors recommend the Antiviral and Anti-Pollution N95 certified washable and reusable masks. It may be because they come with nanofiber filters. 

As they get tested on international standards, they have lesser proximity to health risks. And, to a certain extent, can sustain the virus effect. With effective technologies, manufacturers are focusing on deploying hygienic face masks. This also promotes the reduction of waste and maintains global cleanliness!

Key Findings

The COVID-19 Pandemic has triggered the deliberation and adoption of a new lifestyle amongst the people. And face masks are a critical part of this new world!

  • The global population is now adapted to this new norm of protecting themselves with face masks. 
  • R and D activities related to the innovation of best masks is at an all-time high. And shows positive growth signs for the mask market. 
  • Many pharma and clothing companies are capturing the face mask market amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. They aim to explore opportunities and avenues for their growth!

Prospects for The Face Mask Sector!

  • After a quantitative analysis by the team of experts related to current trends, it was pretty clear that many companies are grabbing their market share. 
  • The buyers show a      relatively higher surge to purchase face masks, shields and other protective gears available in the market. 
  • The suppliers urge to grab opportunities and target audiences to manipulate their buying decisions.  It affects the purchase of face masks based on health, safety, trends and fashion!
  • Face masks are slowly turning out to be a fashion accessory that most people wear and flaunt their fashion sense in style. 
  • The face mask industry has a huge prospect amongst the medical industry as the healthcare staff and patients are in dying need to bulk masks availability. And the business tycoons are targeting this sector to make huge profits out of it. 
  • Face mask market segmentation is mapped as per the virus infection hitting every country.  And the revenue contribution to the industry. 

Final Verdict

After a thorough comparison amongst the face mask industry challenges and prospects, it is evident that opportunities and growth options are way higher in this arena. However, it is also a significant challenge to maintain pace with the mutating COVID-19 virus. And creating face masks with the efficacy is necessary to obstruct its intervention into human bodies. 

After all, safety is the essential criteria of face mask production and sales! Any brand cannot afford to bear the risk of coming up with faulty products. This could stake the lives of innocent people who trust these companies for their protection. 

In the coming years, it would be clear if the anticipation and estimates made by the face mask industry for their further growth would shoot high or stabilize at a certain level. Do share your views about the other aspects of the Face mask industry that are still not highlighted! Till then, stay safe, stay Protected!