Pollution Masks & their Effectiveness?

Sunday December 8, 2019 at 4:34 pm

The air is getting polluted more and more. People do use different tricks such as planting plants in their vicinity and so on. But just keeping the area or the locality pollutant-free is not going to help. You cannot sit in your home or your locality the whole life, inhaling fresh air. You have to go out to your work and activities.

It is not necessary that every individual is responsible for thinking about how to keep the air clean and free from pollution.

The rise in such pollutants has not made the air dangerous to breathe in as it leads to a number of health issues. It has been noticed that the pollutants in the air enters the body and has a huge impact on the internal organs such as the lungs, brains, and others. This can be proven by the increasing cases of patients with problems of breathing, cancer, and so on.

Introduction to the Pollution Masks

One of the ways through which many of the countries is trying to protect their citizens is with the use of pollution masks. These masks work as a filter that can allow at least some portion of clean air to enter your body so that the impact of air pollution is reduced down.

It is recommended in some of the cities such as Delhi, Beijing, and many others across the Asian countries to wear masks whenever going out. School students or pregnant ladies or someone weak and sick are said to take special care and surely wear these masks in order to stay a bit protected from the ill effects of air pollution.

Are These Masks Really Effective?

Though there are so many people seen wearing such masks to stay protected from the ill effects of air pollution, a question that still lingers in the mind is about the effectiveness of these masks. Whether the mask works on not depends on two important factors:

  • What type of mask you are using?
  • How are you using the mask?

There are many different pollution masks available in the market now. It is important to be very careful in selecting the right type of pollution mask so that you can actually gain the benefits of these masks. Normally, masks that can filter 5% of the air is said to be the standard for the right mask that can be used.

Wearing the mask in the right way is also something that needs to be taken care of very strictly. The mask should fit on your face tightly so that your mouth and your nose is covered fully. In this way, you will be able to inhale only the air that has been filtered.

Also, there are suggestions to use the mask along with charcoal as it can add up to the filter level of the masks and this can offer better results than the only masks.

No doubt air pollution does have several adverse impacts on us and also the environment. Though there are now different things happening to curb the reasons for air pollution, presently the already spread out pollution is causing various health issues. Pollution masks have come up as a savior that can help in inhaling air that is a bit cleaner that was is available in open.