Sun Pharma Ventures into the Nutritional Bar Segment along with the Launch of Revital NXT!

Sunday September 12, 2021 at 3:03 pm

Sun Pharma is a wonderful company that shoots up the concentration on fitness for the younger people. With this, the company is entering the nutrition bar segment!

Sun Pharma is a spectacular nutritional bar segment that comes along with the launch of Revital NXT. This company, along with Sun Pharma Consumer Healthcare, announced an incursion into the nutrition bar segment. The launch of Revital NXT is a fabulous extension for the brand on its famous Revital H.

It is a fantastic product in two distinct variants like the Revital Protein NXT and the Revital Energy NXT. The company decided to stretch the nutrition bar segment that could get influenced rapidly. The attention is on fitness for the young population segment. At the launch of this latest segment, Vidhi Shanghvi, the head of Sun Pharma Consumer Healthcare, released a new statement.

The increasingly active lifestyle and the health-consciousness is shooting up for consistent nutrition. With the launch of Revital NXT Bar with natural ginseng, the primary ingredient is the Revital H. it can allow you to stay active and cope with life needs!

With a higher range of energy bars and protein, Revital H can offer consumers a simple option to satiate their hunger. People on diets and weight loss regimes can increase intake of these bars and derive an overall fitness. All your nutritional requirements can get fulfilled with this energy bar.

Sun Pharma Extending its Roots to the Nutritional bar Segment!

Sun Pharma is taking a revolutionary step with the introduction of Revital H for the consumers who desire to avail quick nutrition proportion. As per the company reports, they also have plans to increase these energy bars’ overall manufacture and production. It can boost up the awareness of the fitness level of the people!

The entrance and collaboration of Sun Pharma with the Nutritional Bar Segment is an epic move to shoot up the consumption of nutrition-enriched energy bars. There are already anticipations about the increasing number of consumers for the energy bars. Revital NXT is a great product, and a market survey proved that it has further growth prospects. It would be exciting to see how far it goes and the probable response it fetches from the customers.

Sun Pharma is a renowned and well-reputed company that aces its impeccable product quality and price range in the drug industry. Experts suggest that it must consider introducing varieties in these energy bars for further improvement.