Maharashtra see a rise in the number of deaths caused due to Covid -19

Wednesday February 24, 2021 at 10:04 pm

Mumbai: Along with the rise in the number of positive cases, the state on Tuesday has also experienced a rise in the number of deaths. Taking the number to 51,857, the state records the highest number of deaths in 25 days, summing up to 51. On January 29, more than 51 deaths were reported in a day. In terms of case fatality rate (CFR), Maharashtra claims the second lead position with 2.46%. The highest CFR of 3.23% has been reported in Punjab with a number of 5,779 deaths.

The increase in the number of deaths functions as a reminder that the pandemic crisis is still not over yet, although there was a ray of hope for the state. Maharashtra on Tuesday recorded over 2 million recoveries; discharging 5,869 patients and the number of Covid survivors reaching up to 20,05,851. 53,409 patients are under treatment while the recovery rate of the state is recorded to be 95%. The number of highest active cases have been registered in Pune (9,399), Nagpur at the second position that has beaten Mumbai (6,119), and Thane (6,177) recording the second-highest number of people undergoing treatment (6,832). Amravati (5,595) records the fifth-highest number.

There was a dip in the number of cases on Monday, but the state again reported a whopping number of over 6,000 cases (6,218), reaching the limit to 21,12,312. Mumbai reported 643 cases and 8 deaths, assumed to be the highest in 22 days. BMC on Monday updated 4 more death cases, bringing the total cases in Mumbai to 3,20,532 and the toll to 11,454.

According to the state report, out of the 51 death cases reported on Tuesday, 32 had occurred in the previous 48 hours and the 19 others were from the preceding weeks. However, if the number of deaths in a ’48-hour’ window is taken into consideration, the increase looks heavy. For example, 15 deaths had taken place in the previous 48 hours of February 1, which later increased to 19 on February 10 and 21 on February 11. In comparison to February 1, 32 deaths were recorded which was supposed to be more than double and the number remained stable between 13 and 17 until Tuesday.

An advisor to the government, Dr Subhash Salunkhe, reported that a spike in the number of deaths is usually reported when the denominator rises, which is the number of cases. He further added, “However, the number is not very high that it will change CFR drastically”. Amravati district has witnessed a rise in the number of deaths from 6 in the first week to 12 in the second week to 30 in the third week. Dr Shyamsundar Nikam stated, “Deaths are mostly in senior citizens with comorbidities”. Amravati, Yavatmal, and Akola, that falls within the Akola circle has reported 1,392 cases, the highest in the state