India’s vaccination programme to start as soon as scientists give a green signal: Modi

Thursday February 18, 2021 at 11:24 am

New Delhi: Prime Minister, Narendra Modi on Friday has ascertained that the vaccination drive shall begin in India as soon as the scientists give a nod. He assured that the priority list shall include healthcare workers engaged in treating coronavirus patients, frontline heroes and aged people who are in serious condition.

In his concluding speech at an all – part meeting with the leaders of various political parties, who were called to discuss about the current pandemic situation in the country, Modi stated that according to experts the Covid – 19 vaccine shall be ready in a few weeks and people need not have to wait for it too long.

He also added that nearly eight vaccines that are being manufactured in India are at different stages of trial.

He further reported that another three vaccines manufactured in India are also at different stages of trial.

Modi commented that according to experts the vaccines against Covid – 19 shall be ready in the coming weeks and the wait shall not be too long.

He stated, “India’s vaccination drive would begin as soon as we get a go-ahead from scientists. The Centre is working on the basis of suggestions from state governments about who will be inoculated in the first phase of the vaccination drive”.

Further adding, “Priority in this (vaccination) will be given to the healthcare workers involved in treating Covid – 19 patients, frontline workers and old people suffering from serious conditions”.

Modi further stated that for the distribution of the vaccine against Covid – 19 , central and state government teams are working in tandem.

He is reported to have said, “Our scientists are very confident of succeeding in their endeavor of developing a vaccine against Covid – 19. There are names of vaccines from different countries doing the rounds in the market, but the world is keeping a watch on having the cheapest and safest vaccine. This is why it is natural that the world is watching India”.

If the price of the vaccine is taken into consideration, public health shall be of topmost priority, and the state shall be roped in for this process, said, Modi.

Modi further remarked, “We must make sure rumors are not spreading during vaccination, rumors that are anti–national and anti–human. Thus, all political parties must make sure that we save all Indians from such rumors and spread awareness”.

The virtual meeting that began around 10.30 am was attended by the floor leaders from all parties in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha