Generic Aadhaar distributes 10,000 Braille named medicine pouches w

Thursday April 21, 2022 at 4:42 pm

Generic Aadhaar is an organization that is quite well known for its noble mission and vision of providing healthcare and medicine at highly discounted prices – up to 80 percent off, by sourcing it directly from manufacturers and delivering it to end-users. Now, it is taking new steps to increase the accessibility of medicines. Recently, the young Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company Arjun Deshpande has, distributed 10,000 innovative medicine pouches with names printed in Braille to make it easy for the visually impaired people of India to buy medicines. He did it on the occasion of his 20th birthday. The initiative was highly well received with a hearty, grateful, and positive response as the pouches made it easier for them to use the medicine.

Visually impaired people face several challenges in their daily lives. One of the critical safety concerns for the visually impaired is identifying the correct medicines to take. As such, visually impaired individuals are usually forced to depend on others for buying or consuming medicinal drugs.

Arjun Deshpande has an innate ability and drives to find unique solutions to the challenges of people. He used this ability to come up with the novel idea of launching innovative and reusable pouches for blind people to keep medicines – these pouches would have the name of the drug written in Braille on them. Thus the visually impaired person using them will know precisely what medicinal drug is inside each pouch.

Visually impaired people can simply take these engraved pouches to the medical stores, and their pharmacists can just put the desired medicines into them. As these visually impaired individuals can now read the medicine name via Braille, they would not have to depend on the help of others to identify them to consume them.

Commenting further on this highly humane initiative, Arjun Deshpande asserted, “Our main goal is to provide affordable medicine to the people, but at the same time, we noticed an opportunity to solve the struggles of visually impaired people while buying and consuming their medicines. They are smart individuals and need a helping hand to make their life easier. Honestly, I feel this was the best possible way to celebrate my birthday.” As the founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Generic Aadhaar, he has done a lot to increase the access to medicine for those that are visually impaired,

Generic Aadhaar has already been nationally and internationally recognized for its noble mission and vision across the country and all over the globe. It is helping solve one of the most significant challenges of the country’s pharmaceutical industry. Still, it is also nurturing a robust ecosystem that is proactively supporting the most in need, pushing new entrepreneurship efforts, promoting affordable and accessible healthcare, and much more.

While new technologies like smartphones have helped a lot in making visually impaired people’s lives easier, there are still a number of challenges present. While most smartphones have accessibility features to make the device and the world around them more accessible to visually impaired people, most people of the country aren’t aware of them or aren’t tech-savvy to manage to use the devices. Medicines are one thing where sight plays a significant role – as one must see a medicinal drug to know what it is, read its label for the chemical composition and expiry dates, etc. With initiatives such as the one- taken by the Generic Aadhar, the visually impaired people might find it easier to deal with medicinal drugs.