• Temple prasad that will leave you licking your fingers

    The temple prasad in the Hindu religion refers to the food prepared especially to offer to the presiding deity. It becomes divine prasad after a token of prasad is accepted, and the priest returns the rest for consumption by the devotees that had offered it. In a perfect world, the prasad will not be one’s […]

  • Tributes to Nation Goddess – Bharat Mata Temples in India

    India is a land of gods. There are over thirty-three crores of gods in Hinduism – add to them gods of other religions, the individual gods that some people have (called Isht Devs), and the ascetics who have acquired god-like status in India (like Sai Baba). You will probably end up with too large a […]

  • Prachi Valley of Odisha: The heritage site that deserves to be better known

    Prachi valley is named after the river of the same name. The Prachi river has been called the Saraswati of Eastern India. Unlike the glorious Saraswati river, the Prachi river is still alive. The valley surrounding it is known for its magnificent monuments alongside the river banks. The valley flourished between the 7th & 16th […]

  • Seven things to keep in mind while biking in the monsoon

    Monsoons are the loveliest months of the year – and those are the times of the year when everyone who knows how to enjoy the best of nature will want to spend outside – whether they are children playing with paper boats, people sipping coffee as they see rainfall from their verandah or others taking […]

  • Budget travel: Cheapest flights this August and September

    Between COVID-19 pandemic-relating worries on the one hand and rising fuel costs on the other, air travel might appear too expensive for many. Yet, if one smartly, one will find there is room for some maneuver as some cheap flights are available in August and September. This article will help you book the cheapest flight […]

  • Pfizer launches ‘An Accord for a Healthier World’

    Pfizer Inc. has launched ‘An Accord for a Healthier World.’ This groundbreaking initiative will provide all of Pfizer’s patented, high-quality medicines and vaccines available in the United States (US) or the European Union (EU) on a not-for-profit basis to 1.2 billion people in 45 lower-income countries. The Accord can significantly reduce the health inequities that […]

  • Government to amend Drugs Rules 1945

    The Union ministry of health and family welfare is currently in the process of amending the Drugs Rules 1945 to allow for the parallel submission of applications for the grants of renewal of manufacturing and sales licenses for large volume parenteral, vaccines and various recombinant DNA (rDNA) derived drugs, along with applications for grants of […]

  • FPME seeks govt’s help to make drug exporters globally competitive

    The Federation of Pharmaceutical and Allied Products Merchant Exporters (FPME) has sought the union government of India’s assistance to make Indian drug exporters globally competitive. Speaking at the Federation of Pharmaceutical and Allied Products Merchant Exporters (FPME) ‘s annual day celebration in Mumbai, its secretary, Mr. Sandeep Modi, said, “Drug exporters have faced several challenges […]

  • CTMR wants Impcops to hold elections online

    As the election day is approaching for electing for the Chennai based Indian Medical Practitioners’Practitioners’ Cooperative Pharmacy and Stores Ltd (Impcops), a local Non-government organization (NGO) working in the field of traditional health systems has appealed to the Union Registrar of Cooperative Societies under the Union Ministry of Cooperation to direct the multi-state cooperative Society […]

  • Russia introduces a speedy process for the registration of drugs.

    The Russian government has now expedited procedures for registering drugs, facing a shortage in the domestic market. It is going to be suitable for Indian drug manufacturers. Indian pharma companies with business operations in the Russian market and those planning for business expansions can now take advantage of the expedited procedure for registering medicinal drugs. […]

  • Parliamentary Panel asks for IPD in High Courts.

    The Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce has recommended to the union government of India to take the measures to set up Intellectual Property Division (IPD) in High Courts of various states, in line with the establishment of the Intellectual Property Division (IPD) in the Delhi High Court, following the dissolution of the Intellectual […]

  • Nano-sized robots that can transform dental cleaning for root canal procedures

    Theranautilus is working to commercialize nano-sized robots that have developed deep clean teeth for root canal procedures. It is a start-up incubated at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). The company received funding from institutes MeITy, DST (Department of Science and Technology), Nano Mission, Wellcome Trust India Alliance, and DBT (Department of Biotechnology). These nano-sized […]